Buffalo Bills: Winners and Losers from Bills' Triumph vs. Eagles

C. CuseOCorrespondent IIOctober 9, 2011

Buffalo Bills: Winners and Losers from Bills' Triumph vs. Eagles

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    The "dream team" was at it again on Sunday.

    Oh no, sorry if you were thinking I meant the Philadelphia Eagles, then you're four weeks too late.

    The Buffalo Bills are the current NFL dream team, and they have shown no signs of slowing down.

    Last week, the AFC East leading Bills lost their first game in devastating fashion to the Cincinnati Bengals, and many were skeptical if the Bills could rebound after suffering their first defeat of 2011.

    Well, the experts forgot these are the Buffalo Bills they were talking about, and if any team knows how to lose, it's the Bills. One loss was not going to slow them down.

    The Bills trounced the Eagles on Sunday in Orchard Park, NY with a 31-24 defeat while ending the Philly "dream team" stigma once and for all.

    Move over Philly, there is a new "dream team" in town; one without prima donnas and star studded names, but one that wins football games. 

    Let's now take a look at some winners and losers from Sunday's game as the Buffalo Bills have now improved to 4-1.

    No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

Winner: Quarterbacks Coach, George Cortez

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    George Cortez is right now the best offseason acquisition for the AFC East leading Bills.

    ...Wait, who?

    You know, George Cortez the Buffalo Bills quarterback who came to the Bills this offseason after spending the last 18 seasons coaching in the Canadian Football League.

    The George Cortez who has groomed an absolute stud in Ryan Fitzpatrick who posted a 78 percent completion percentage Sunday against an Eagles defense with three Pro-Bowl corner backs.

    Oh, that George Cortez? If you didn't know him before, you will now. 

    Cortez has used his 30 years of coaching experience to create Buffalo's quarterback of the future and has helped the Bills to an early 4-1 record.

    Remember his name Buffalo fans, George Cortez is winning you football games.

Loser: Buffalo Bills Run Defense

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    The Buffalo Bills pass defense picked up the slack Sunday after the run defense just never showed up.

    They had to have had a tough week of practice after knowing they were going against the most dangerous ground duo in football of Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy.

    Fortunately for the Bills run defense, the Eagles are currently in a foggy haze of destruction and did not run often but when they did, it was evident.

    LeSean McCoy only received 11 carries, but still rushed for 80 yards and a touchdown while Michael Vick followed up with five carries for 90 yards.

    McCoy and Vick averaged a combined 10.6 yards per carry vs. the Bills defense Sunday, which is absolutely miserable.

    The run defense has been poor all year, ranked a low 25th in the NFL.

    While the pass defense has done nothing but excelled, the run defense has yet to circle the wagons with the rest of the Bills' gang.

Winner: Fred Jackson

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    Congratulations Fred Jackson, you're finally recognized as one of the NFL's elite running backs.

    I'd also like to congratulate you for turning the Philadelphia Eagles "Dream Team" into a nightmare.

    Oh, and last but not least congratulations on rushing for 111 yards with a touchdown and leading the team in receiving with 85 yards on six receptions.

    It is no surprise to any Buffalo fan that Fred Jackson is on this list because Fred Jackson has done nothing but win all season long.

    Jackson is in the top five for rushing in the NFL and he has led his Bills to a 4-1 record and to first in the AFC East.

    Captain Fred has proved everyone wrong. He made his way from Division lll to the NFL; from undrafted free agent to starter; and then from starter to elite.

    Fred Jackson will not stop.

Loser: C.J. Spiller

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    C.J. Spiller looks more and more like a lost cause every Sunday, but is anyone complaining?

    Besides him of course.

    Spiller, the ninth overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft, was brought into Buffalo to be the star running back of the future.

    Not so fast.

    After Fred Jackson's career day on Sunday of 111 rushing yards, 85 receiving yards and a touchdown, it is safe to say there is only one star running back in Buffalo. 

    While Jackson had the ball in his hand for a total of 32 times during the game for a total of 196 yards, Spiller only received a mere four touches for a total of 16 yards.

    That's poor for even a back up, and that is all Spiller is. 

    Fred Jackson is having a monster year and has over four times the amount of rushing yards that Spiller has.

    With a 4-1 record and a star running back ahead of him on the depth chart, C.J. Spiller looks to have found himself a permanent seat on the bench.

    Last year he was too explosive to sit; this year he is to invaluable to notice.

    Bust? It's looking that way.

Winner: Nick Barnett

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    Welcome to Buffalo, Mr. Barnett.

    Nick Barnett was kicked out of Green Bay this offseason. After being unwanted by many teams around the NFL, he seems to have found the perfect home in Buffalo, NY.

    The linebacker looked healthier then ever on Sunday, while picking off two of Michael Vick's passes and returning one for a 31-yard touchdown.

    Barnett is still only 30 years old, and is quickly proving he can still play.

    It must be fun anchoring the NFL's best past defense, especially when you were run out of town by a  team who desperately wishes they still had you.

    How's that 31st ranked pass defense taste for you Green Bay?

    Because after today for Nick Barnett, it tastes sugar sweet.

Loser: Philadelphia Eagles Dream Team

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    If it wasn't evident before, it sure is now...the "dream team" is a joke.

    After their fourth straight loss on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles currently sit in last place in the NFC east, and continue on their downward spiral of catastrophe.

    The Buffalo Bills confirmed that Michael Vick is still a running quarterback after intercepting the new 100 million dollar man four times with one being returned for a 31-yard touchdown by Bills' linebacker Nick Barnett.

    It's not all Vick's fault though.

    The Philadelphia defense made up of All-Pro corners and a dominating defensive line have proven that they are inept in competing as a unit in the National Football League.

    Philaldelphia's "dream team" persona has been nothing but a nightmare of unfulfilled expectations for Michael Vick, and a short start to the end of a career for Andy Reid.

    And to think, this is all Vince Young's fault.