Attention Denver Broncos Fans: You Do Not Want Tim Tebow to Start

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Attention Denver Broncos Fans: You Do Not Want Tim Tebow to Start
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Whereas Cam Newton wants to be an icon, Tim Tebow already is. He is a great person and inspires many with his Christian faith and works. He also had one of the best college careers of any player ever. At Florida he won two National Championships, was a two-time All-American, and won a Heisman trophy.

But the NFL is different from college. Tebow can no longer rely on pure athleticism and will to win. The NFL takes a very specific skill set and instincts to succeed in. Tebow has neither of those things.

His mechanics have improved, but they are not where they should be. He has a good arm, but not one that will blow you away, and he is inaccurate. You can fix a lot of things, but Tebow has far too many problems to be even close to being a starting quarterback.

His worst problem is his instincts. He misses open guys and seems uncomfortable in a pro style offense. He doesn't identify what the defense is doing, and it hurts him.

Sure he is a great athlete, but so are a lot of bad players. Tebow can run and bulldoze people, but that is not what an NFL quarterback is paid to do. They are paid to throw and if they can run, great.

With all the problems that come with Tebow why should a team on the bottom try to make him their quarterback? The Broncos are stretched thin. They don't have very many weapons on offense or a good defense. If Tebow is going to be a successful quarterback in the league, he needs both. Tebow is not a guy you will ever build a team around; he is a guy you put on an already established team.

That being said there is no reason to bench Kyle Orton. He is a pretty decent quarterback. Sure, last week was bad. The whole team played awful, and Orton still made a few plays and they weren't facing a cupcake they should have beat. They were facing the world champion Green Bay Packers.

With Tebow in there that game is even worse.

The Broncos are not going anywhere soon. They need to find a quarterback in the draft and build around him. Tebow is not the future, and if you play him it leaves the door open for controversy when the new guy comes in and will ultimately hurt the franchise.

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