Matt Ryan vs. Brian Brohm: Who to take in the 2008 NFL Draft?

Ty AdamsCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2008

In my opinion, only two QBs could even find their way into the first round of this draft: Matt Ryan out of Boston College and Brian Brohm out of Louisville.

Chad Henne or Andre Woodson might be the next best, but in my opinion, their are a couple tiers lower. Seeing the pressing need that a QB is for some teams like the Falcons, Ravens, Bucs, Bears, Dolphins, etc. I'm sure the first two I mentioned won't make it out of the first round.

That said, it seems most everyone is in support of Matt Ryan being the better of the two. After all, he did lead Boston College to #2 in the nation, and kept his ACC team undefeated for quite some time. This goes without mentioning the comeback win over Virginia Tech in the final minutes, and helping the Eagles continue their long winning streak in bowl games.

With that said, I still don't think the two compare, and I have to believe Brian Brohm forecasts to be a much better player. Brohm played on a mediocre Louisville team this year that was vastly disappointing after their 2006 campaign to capture the Big East. However, this can't be the fault of Brohm as the offense never had problems, rather the defense did.

Overall in 2007, you can only argue that Brohm had at most two bad games. The others weren't all spectacular, but certainly solid or better, and many still were spectacular. Just by looking at 2007 stats, the edge has to go to Brohm. You'll see Ryan's numbers are up there, but you must note that he played two more games than Brohm (ACC Title game & bowl game), so he played 14 to Brohm's 12.

Brohm - 4024 (335.3/game)
Ryan - 4507 (321.9/game)

Touchdowns/Interception Ratio:
Brohm - 30/12
Ryan - 31/19

Completion Pct.:
Brohm - 65.1
Ryan - 59.3

QB Rating:
Brohm - 152.4 (8th in nation)
Ryan - 127.0 (61st in nation)

Yards per Attempt:
Brohm - 8.5 (7th)
Ryan - 6.9 (56th)

I just can't find anything all that meaningful that supports Ryan over Brohm. Even a bigger factor is consistency of the two. Brohm's Cardinals may have lost two early games to Kentucky and then a terrible Syracuse game, but I think people are using the outcome of the game to outweigh his performance. Louisville somehow lost to Syracuse, yes. However, Brohm still threw for 555 yards that game including 4 of the team's 5 TDs.

Brohm's competion percentage was 64% or better in each of his first nine games. In four of those games, it was 70% or better which is very good. It was only in the last three games where that number dropped, and even then he only had one game below 55% (the terrible game to USF).

Matt Ryan looks to be Brohm's opposite when it comes to consistency. Ryan completed 61% of his passes in Week 1 for over 400 yards. In Week 2, he completed only 44% for 142 yards. In the end, Ryan had four games where he completed 49% of his passes or less.

In the end, I don't even think Matt Ryan is a 1st round pick. His numbers simply look gaudy because he played 14 games, and Boston College's offense had him throwing the ball on every play. The last set of numbers I posted regarding the yardage per completion says it all.

Ryan has high numbers because he had 654 pass attempts this year. Brohm only had 473. That's a difference of almost 200!!! Yet if you look at the completions of both, the total yardage, touchdowns, etc. they are very similar. If Brohm kept throwing at the same rate, his totals would have been 5564 yards and 41 TDs! Ryan is the only guy in the top 11 in passing yards that didn't complete at least 60% of his passes.

Moreover, both players have posted these same numbers over their college careers. Brohm has not gone a season where he completed less than 63.6% of his passes in four years. Ryan has gone four years and has never done better than 62.1%.

Brohm only threw 12 interceptions in his first three years total, giving him 24 for his career. Ryan threw 19 alone this year which leaves him just shy of Brohm's total there. Combine all four season, he has thrown 37.

Brohm has posted numbers for yards per attempt of 8.4, 9.7, 9.6, and 8.5 in his four years of play. Ryan has meager numbers of 4.9, 7.8, and 6.9 twice.

I honestly can't find a single reason as to why Ryan is even being talked about with Brohm. Yet because of how their respective teams faired this year, I could totally see a team screwing up a high draft pick by taking the Eagle over the Cardinal.

I'm kinda thankful the Dolphins drafted John Beck last year only because I'm afraid they would have wasted their 1st round pick for a second year in a row on Ryan.

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