MLB Playoffs: Game 5's Postgame Interview Showed Why Brewers Will Win It All

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MLB Playoffs: Game 5's Postgame Interview Showed Why Brewers Will Win It All
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Nyjer Morgan sent the Milwaukee Brewers to the NLCS with his 10th-inning walk-off RBI single.  The post-game interview then went viral, primarily because of Mr. Plush.

All the attention went to Morgan's uncensored celebratory remarks, which makes sense.  But the entire post-game scene at Miller Park was interesting.  You have to look it as a whole.

Three Brewers were interviewed by TBS's Sam Ryan.  Well, one was a legitimate interview.  The other two were merely encounters, but were just as telling.

Up first was Prince Fielder.  He was asked a question and couldn't answer.  He simply said that he had to go, and walked away, seemingly soaking in the atmosphere.  I couldn't exactly tell, but it seemed like he was getting a little emotional.  

Prince is one of the nicest and most likable guys in baseball.  I'm sure he just got overwhelmed by the magnitude of the moment.

Then Sam Ryan turned to Ryan Braun.  You could tell how excited he was, but he conducted himself in a professional manner.  He composed himself and said all the right things you would expect to hear from a leader.

Last up was Mr. Tony Plush.  He emerged from who knows where and pretty much jumped in on the Braun interview.  If there's one thing you need to know as an on-field reporter, it's that you can't control Nyjer Morgan.  Sam Ryan tried to tame him, but he ignored her and acknowledged the crowd.  

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We all know what happened next.  The microphone picked up Morgan's explicit exclamations, and TBS was not able to censor them before they made it into everybody's living rooms.

Those three guys are the heart and soul of that team, and the three distinct personalities were evident in that post-game interview.  Prince is the soft-spoken gentle giant, Braun is the typical super-star leader, and Morgan is, well... different.

Playoff baseball is a completely different game than regular season baseball.  The slightest things can set a team apart.  A team has to be playing loose.  A team has to have a sense of togetherness.  A team has to be clicking at the right time.  

There is just such a different vibe around the Brew Crew right now.  I can't remember a team quite like this.  

What the Brewers have working is something you can't describe.  For a team to win in October, you need that intangible "it" factor.  Building a World Series-caliber team takes more than just signing the best players in the league to the biggest contracts (cough, cough, Yankees, couch, cough).  

I hate to bring the Yankees into this because they get brought up all the time with stuff like this.  But we all saw what happened last night.  Alex Rodriguez is in the middle of a $275 million deal.  He struck out in an enormous situation with the bases loaded in the seventh.  He then looked completely lost in his final at-bat that ended the game.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

What I'm getting at is that you can't put together a team of machines and expect a World Series title.  Outside of Braun and Fielder, there really aren't any "stars" on this Brewers team.  The Yankees have better players, but the Brewers are a better team.  Players don't win championships—teams do.

That's the beauty of baseball.  It's such an individual's game, in that the game revolves around batter vs. pitcher.  But somehow, it takes a whole team gelling together to win it all.

I wasn't 100 percent sold on the Brewers when the playoffs started.  I actually thought the Diamondbacks had a good shot at surprising them.  Give Kirk Gibson's squad credit—they played a great series.  

There's just something about the Brewers right now.  Their dynamic core of Braun, Fielder and Morgan may be able to bring the city of Milwaukee their first World Series title ever.

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