MLB Playoffs 2011: Milwaukee Brewers vs. St. Louis Cardinals Would Be Epic NLCS

Jeffrey BeckmannCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2011

MLB Playoffs 2011: Milwaukee Brewers vs. St. Louis Cardinals Would Be Epic NLCS

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    The 2011 MLB postseason has given us three winner-take-all Game 5s during the Divisional Series, with both National League Divisional Series set to have their rubber-matches this evening.

    The Milwaukee Brewers will have a chance to win their first playoff series since 1982 in front of their home crowd, where they had Major League Baseball's best record during the regular season. The only thing standing in their way is Ian Kennedy and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    In the other series, Albert Pujols looks to continue the Cardinals' remarkable chase for the NL pennant against the Philadelphia Phillies. It won't be easy seeing as they have to face Roy Halladay yet again, but if anyone can step up in a big moment, it's Pujols.

    If everything plays out according to plan (at least my plan), we will have a chance to witness a grueling matchup for the NL pennant between two heated rivals in the Brewers and Cardinals.

    The showdown would be epic, and here's why.

The Brewers and Cards Are Bitter Division Rivals

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    The Brewers and Cardinals have been at each others throats for the past few seasons, but the 2011 season has vaulted their rivalry to a whole new level.

    The acquisition of Nyjer Morgan during spring training gave the Brewers one of the most hated players in St. Louis, and the cuckoo outfielder has put the teams' intense relationship under a microscope. A chirping match between T-Plush and Cards pitcher Chris Carpenter earlier this season led to both benches clearing, while Morgan was two seconds away from laying a beating on Albert Pujols (or so he thought).

    Either way, the NLCS can't get any better than a matchup between two intense rivals for a shot at the World Series.

Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols Are Top Free Agents This Winter

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    With Fielder in line for a Princely sum and Pujols looking for a King's ransom this winter, a Brewers-Cardinals NLCS would pit the two biggest free agents against one another.

    Fielder probably has more to gain, seeing as he's not in the spotlight as often playing in Milwaukee. A World Series berth could ensure that Prince takes home the richest deal this winter.

    While Pujols' stock seemed to decline during the first half of the season, he has proved his doubters wrong during a remarkable second-half surge, which led the Cardinals to an improbable NL Wild Card berth. The further Pujols leads his Cards, the higher his price tag will soar.

Brewers Can Get Revenge for 1982 World Series

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    If you think the Brewers and their fans have forgotten about the 1982 World Series, you're sorely mistaken.

    How could they forget? Milwaukee has hardly been a competitive ball club ever since, not to mention it was the last time the franchise won a playoff series.

    What better team for the Brewers to go through than the team that stripped away their hopes and dreams 29 years ago?

    The emotion and intensity that would be on display between the two teams would be unattainable if the Philadelphia Phillies or Arizona Diamondbacks were to face one of them or even each other. We all know how grueling intra-division games can be even during the regular season, so a Brewers-Cards NLCS would be nothing short of epic.