Why Plaxico and Starbury Will Keep LeBron Out of New York

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IDecember 2, 2008

I have tried to keep quiet about this situation, but unfortunately, you got guys like Charles Barkley and everyone on ESPN beating a dead horse to oblivion. So since they're going to do that, I'm going to tell every last one of them this: LeBron will not be in a New York Knicks uniform when he becomes a free agent...

...and you can thank two Bad Apples for why he will not be in the Big Apple.

Stephon "I am Legend" Marbury

No matter what you call him, he's still an ass. In fact, everyone in New York should all be like Austin Talbert and start a Facebook account that says, "We should throw Starbury in the East River." It's obvious that there is no one on the Knicks with enough balls to get rid of this low-talent assclown.

I would like to be nice, but when you choose Starbury over Patrick Ewing, Jr., you know that you're on borrowed time as a coach or a member of the front office. But because of Starbury's attitude towards the team, the city and even the fans, it's obvious why the people who swarm into the Garden cheer for visiting icons...like LeBron. Bottom line is until the Knicks get the Starbury Monkey off their back, King James won't be in the Garden anytime soon.

And since we're on the subject of King James, Sir Charles should just shut the hell up and realize that he is not worthy of lacing up LeBron's sneakers. Barkley is just being a blowhard that is insanely jealous. Barkley spent the majority of his career bitching and moaning everywhere he played. But now that someone else is talking about the future, he's not happy with it. Charles Barkley was a good player, but he has turned into a guy that is full of negativity since he left the court and jumped onto the most long-winded show on NBA television, the NBA on TNT.

Plaxico Burress

A local man shoots himself in the leg, and we hear about it for about five minutes and then the weather. Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the leg, and we're still hearing about it days later. Someone please answer this simple question for me: In the words of Carlos Mencia, "Why the &$#@ is this news?"

So you shot yourself in the foot, Plax? So what? Who cares! Burress has always done something insanely stupid to make himself first. The Giants have had to deal with his antics since he came over from the AFC. But it wasn't Burress that was the hero in the Super Bowl. It was Tyree.

All I'm saying is I wish we can actually focus on sports and not the dingos that decide that they should eat a baby to get some national attention. You screwed up, Plaxico. Why should we all have to suffer for your mistake? If you're trying to destroy the chances of the Giants repeating, it's not working. They spent the day paying homage to Sean Taylor, not you.

They went out and played the same way they have played all season: with intensity. They have already proven that they can win without you. The Giants have moved on from this fiasco off the field. So why can't the media...and especially why can't ESPN?

With all that said, we can focus on the good side of life. If Jay-Z is looking to get King James, Charles Barkley, Plaxico Burress and Starbury have made it easy for him to not go to the Knicks. Marbury has been with the Knicks for this long...but he hasn't played. So it's clear that you can have a job, and you can sit on your ass, piss and moan and still get paid in the Knicks organization.

But the Knicks got rid of Isaiah Thomas and kept Marbury? LeBron, are you sure you want to go to New York?