Brian Wilson Taco Bell: Giants Closer and His Beard Tout the Chalupa

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IOctober 5, 2011

Just when you thought San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson was going to disappear along with the rest of the Giants this postseason, you turn on your TV and see him and his beard praising the Double XL Chalupa at Taco Bell.

Yep. Wilson has become a marketing magnet.

Wilson and his beard showed up in a 30-second spot recently, talking about sneaking up on chalupas like Black Ops and calling their "inner deliciousness ("hello?")." And we thought Wilson couldn't be any more of an oddball.

Wilson and his beard have taken on a persona all their own since capturing the nation's attention last October in route to a World Series ring. They've been featured on Web sites, SportsCenter commercials and plenty of Giants PR pushes.

In fact, they've basically become the same organism (is Brian Wilson really our own species?), and they continue to rule the world one chalupa—ahem—one commercial at a time.

It doesn't matter that Wilson's beard would frighten the average child (or human being) if he walked into a Taco Bell. He probably eats chalupas in his spare time, and really, just his presence alone will probably have the heartiest Giants fans racing to the nearest Taco Bell to have what Brian Wilson is having.

New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera and manager Joe Girardi were last seen in a Taco Bell ad (an unwatchable one, at that). But this one instantly captures people's attention, and it's solely because Wilson is in it. You get the feeling the director told Wilson to just be himself, yelled, "Action!" and did it all in one take.

Wilson is one of those sports figures who you can watch for hours and just be mesmerized. He brings joy, laughter, charisma and, yes, absurdity to our world, and we love him for it.

The defending champs may have missed the playoffs this season, but don't worry, people; Brian Wilson is still here.

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