MLB: 10 Balding Ballplayers Who Make Us Thankful They Wear Hats

Evan Barnes@evan_bContributor IIIOctober 5, 2011

MLB: 10 Balding Ballplayers Who Make Us Thankful They Wear Hats

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    It's something most MLB fans don't think about often: How many players in the league are bald? Thanks to wearing hats and batting helmets, it's something most fans probably couldn't count off the top unless it was someone on their team.

    Here's 10 MLB players who would probably blind more fans if they were aware of their shiny chrome domes. Feel free to add more to the list in the comments section.

Albert Pujols

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    Despite the fact that Pujols is one of the greatest hitters of the last 20 years, he's also has one of the shiniest heads in the game. It's not a flaw in his armor, it's more like a secret weapon if he ever got his helmet knocked off at the plate.

    Imagine pitchers being forced to see that on the mound. As if it's not hard enough trying to strike him out, try to avoid being blinded by him. 

Raul Ibanez

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    Raul Ibanez is pushing 40, so while his bat is still lethal in the postseason, his shiny head can't hide those old man wrinkles. It was fly in his younger days, but now it has a Yoda type feel to it. 

    The wily veteran's chrome dome might blind you, but it doesn't matter since Ibanez can always be counted on for a big hit or two when it matters. 

Kevin Youkilis

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    If there is a bright spot in that September collapse by the Red Sox, it's that the already bald Youkilis didn't lose any hair from the stress. The tradeoff, though, is that his head probably showed off more wrinkles than a used bed sheet. 

    Big Youk's chrome dome no doubt endeared him to the Red Sox Nation when he was the face of their glory years. For the rest of baseball fans, it's a blinding reminder of how annoying the RSN got as they went from lovable losers to world champs that lost their edge on the diamond.

Clint Barmes

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    One look at Clint Barmes, and you'll be reminded of the Rocky Mountains staring at his shiny dome. Handling shortstop means he'd be bouncing around the infield like a cueball if not for his hat. 

    Barmes may be remembered for his once silly injury of getting hurt while carrying deer meat, but now that you've seen his freaky head in all it's glory, you might hate me for giving you something else to remember him by.

Brett Myers

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    You can see for good reason why Brett Myers has that hat on. Underneath it is a shiny dome not fit for mortal eyes to see.

    As Myers gets up in age, expect to see him keep that hat close by because in that Texas heat, he'll blind Astros fans in those dry summers if he ever takes it off. 

Tim Hudson

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    I was shocked to put Tim Hudson on this list. I remembered him from a decade ago as a young stud from the A's and couldn't believe that he'd gone bald. 

    Along with Brett Myers, imagine hitters trying to hit Hudson if he didn't have a hat on. The muggy heat of Atlanta along with the glare from his head would make Hudson an instant Cy Young candidate once again, as hitters would be as helpless as fans without sunglasses.

Matt Holliday

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    Consider this. Matt Holliday once rocked the baldy in Colorado with Clint Barmes. Now he rocks it alongside Albert Pujols. There must be some magnetic power in that head to connect Holliday with fellow bald-headed sluggers.

    Either way, not only can Holliday wow fans with his bat, he'll earn their appreciation for respecting their eyesight with keeping his hat close to his head.

Vernon Wells

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    Vernon Wells was a big disappointment for the Angels this season. The pressure of living up to his big deal and new surroundings didn't do any his head any wonders as the stress probably made it hard for him to grow anything.

    I love this picture cause you can't tell which is cleaner, his helmet or his head. 

Brett Gardner

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    Brett Gardner is one of the fastest players in baseball, leading the AL in stolen bases this past year. It's a shame that at 28, his hairline appears to be running just as fast as he does down the basepaths.

    For all the jokes that LeBron James gets for his hairline, Gardner is probably grateful for his cap hiding his. Otherwise the NY media would be brutal on him. 

Mike Cameron

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    At 38, Mike Cameron is on the decline of his career that once saw him as the heir apparent for Ken Griffey Jr. in Seattle. He's also got that old man baldy that a few others on the list are guilty of. 

    It's not a shame. It's bound to happen to most of us, so as Cameron faces an unsure future next season, let's take one long look at his head that's sure to make folks grateful he kept it covered most of his career.