James Harrison Deserves NFL Defensive MVP Award

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

If I had to use one word to describe the Pittsburgh Steelers' James Harrison, it would be "destructive."

Destructive is the perfect way to describe the way Harrison attacks the opposing team. He gets into the backfield and causes massive amounts of destruction, as we saw against the Patriots.

He has the entire package for a linebacker. He's quick, strong, and tough—all valuable assets for any defensive player.

He is also very smart when it comes to knowing what he needs to do. When he gets into the backfield and wreaks havoc on the quarterback, he isn't just going for the sack, he's trying to strip the ball every chance he gets. Obviously, people are always trying to make the ball carrier fumble, but Harrison just seems to be so good at it.

Another great quality that Harrison has is that he will never give up on a play. Whatever happens during the play, he is still trying to get the ball carrier and make something happen. Even if he gets beat on a play or the ball carrier gets by him, he still gives it his all.

And James Harrison is having a phenomenal year by anyone's standards.

He is third in the league in sacks with 14.0, only behind Joey Porter's 14.5 and Demarcus Ware's 15.0. He is first in the league in forced fumbles with six, and he has recorded 80 tackles in the season.

He is a straight-up beast!

There is no reason for him not to make the Pro Bowl, and he really deserves to win the NFL's Defensive MVP Award just because of how well he has played so far this year.

And it's not like he's making all the plays for his defense. He does play for the No. 1 ranked defense in the Pittsburgh Steelers. There are lots of other guys who are making plays and helping the team win, too.

I'm sure you could make a pretty good argument for other players that could be up for the Defensive MVP Award, but James Harrison is a serious contender. He is an expert in disrupting the offense and creating turnovers, no matter who is playing on the other side of the ball.