2011 ALCS: 5 Reasons Texas Rangers Are Rooting for New York Yankees

Scott SewellCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2011

2011 ALCS: 5 Reasons Texas Rangers Are Rooting for New York Yankees

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    Sometimes Cinderella can’t find that other slipper.  In fact, most of the time she can’t.

    The Tampa Bay Rays played the role of Cinderella leading up to the postseason with their fairy tale comeback to overtake the Boston Red Sox and win the American League Wild Card.

    The postseason told a different story.  The Rangers played the role of the evil stepmother that wouldn’t let Cinderella attend the ball.

    Instead, with their 4-3 win over the Rays on Tuesday afternoon, the Rangers will be the ones advancing to the ALCS to face either the New York Yankees or Detroit Tigers.

    The Texas Rangers won a franchise record 96 games during the regular season.  They’ve won three games in the postseason, and now they are four wins away from reaching the World Series for the second consecutive year.

    Here are five reasons why the Yankees success is the key to the Rangers getting those next four wins.

1. Yankee Stadium

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    Yankee Stadium was built for sluggers.

    The Texas Rangers are a team of sluggers.

    With four players hitting over 25 home runs the Rangers are one of the top offensive teams in the American League.

    If the Rangers can't play all of their games in Arlington, then New York is a great second choice.

2. Comerica Park

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    Comerica Park is huge.  I'm pretty sure Austin Jackson stopped, ate a sandwich, completed a soduku puzzle, and still had time to track down a fly ball last night.

    Texas sluggers don't want any part of Comerica Park. Dramatic three run home runs become lazy long fly balls to left center.  

3. Justin Verlander

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    You think Matt Moore is hard to hit?  Try Justin Verlander on for size.

    The Rangers actually beat Verlander in their only meeting back in April, but the Tigers ace still pitched a complete game, allowing only two runs.

    Verlander proved in Game 3 that he is a tougher matchup than anything the Yankees can offer up.

    You are essentially forfeiting two games of a seven game series when Verlander is on the mound.

4. The Yankees Are Old

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    The Yankees look old.  

    Derek Jeter has been in a steady decline for the past two years, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez are the exact opposite of clutch, and Jorge Posada looks like their best hitter right now.

    The Tigers look energetic and hungry.  Miguel Cabrera is locked in and we've already discussed the effect Verlander can have on a series.  

5. The Yankees Pitching Staff Is Weak

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    The Yankees are forced to start A.J. Burnett in the biggest game of their season tonight against Detroit.  

    If you were Texas, wouldn't you be rooting for any circumstance that could potentially put you in the same situation?