4 Bold Moves Denver Broncos Must Make Before Week 6 Bye

Jason Muckley@@jamuckleySenior Analyst IIOctober 4, 2011

4 Bold Moves Denver Broncos Must Make Before Week 6 Bye

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    The recent game against the Green Bay Packers exposed some glaring flaws for the Denver Broncos. Head coach John Fox is conservative and doesn't often make bold decisions or dramatic changes, especially midseason. However, his lack of adaptation in a league which is constantly changing is why his tried and true methods in Carolina eventually became predictable and played out.

    I propose the Broncos make four bold moves to shake up this team that is headed south quickly to infuse some passion and intensity in their game, something they are in serious need of.

Start Tim Tebow

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    Kyle Orton looks like he is often disinterested out there playing. He hasn't once tried to make a play on any of the defenders who have picked off his passes. Broncos fans are bored and tired of watching Orton play average.

    Fans are hungry for Tim Tebow.

    In a previous article, I demonstrated that Tebow and Orton's stats were pretty similar.

    Orton has been a starter in the NFL for much longer than Tebow, yet the results he has yielded aren't significantly superior to Tebow in his three starts last year. In the win column, they were nearly identical, with Orton winning about 30 percent of his games last season and Tebow 33 percent.

    The difference between Orton and Tebow is raw passion, desire and drive. When Orton is out there on Sundays, he is methodical. You don't see him getting on his receivers for dropping balls. He isn't at the center of the huddle firing up the guys with a pep talk to go down and win the game.

    If the ball is in Orton's hands with an opportunity to win a game, the fans, his teammates and probably Orton himself have no confidence that he will be able to by a sheer act of will win the game.

    John Elway could do that. He could predetermine in his mind he will win at the end of the game and he did it. Year after year, he could move the Broncos down the field to come back and win the game in the closing seconds. Orton just doesn't have it.

    Broncos fans see something in Tebow that Orton doesn't have. These Broncos need it!

Fire Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy

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    Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is in his third season in the Broncos organization.

    McCoy has failed to create schemes, call plays and put out a product that is unpredictable and effective.

    McCoy defaults to predictable runs up the middle for little to no yards on first down. Then may try a bubble screen or a short pass near the line of scrimmage for a minimal gain and often find themselves in 3rd-and-long situations, which more often than not led to punts.

    At this juncture in the season, the Broncos rank 23rd in passing and 27th in rushing. Their lackluster offensive showings certainly can attribute to their paltry 1-3 record.

    McCoy also has no idea how to create a playbook designed for Tim Tebow and utilize the special talents he possesses. Tebow is a work in progress. It's only his second year in the league and he has only three starts to his name. But in order to succeed, Tebow needs a "Tebow Package" that he can actually create plays in.

    Tebow isn't a pocket passer. He needs to grow into that. After giving him success at what he knows, move him towards that. McCoy has shown a reluctance to foster Tebow being Tebow, and he needs to go.

Create a Tebow Package That Utilizes His Abilities

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    After canning Mike McCoy, the Broncos need to bring in an offensive coordinator who has experience with a mobile, athletic quarterback. 

    The Broncos need a coach with experience in bringing along a guy like Tebow to create successful plays that Tebow is comfortable with. They need to cater to his talents instead of trying to mold Tebow into something he is not.

    This coach must also, down the road, be able to groom Tebow into staying in the pocket, staying with the play and looking at more than just the primary receiver.

Get Some Defensive Back Help

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    The Broncos are in desperate need of help in the defensive secondary, especially in pass coverage.

    The Denver Post has confirmed that Champ Bailey will definitely play in Week 5 against the San Diego Chargers.

    That will go a long way in shoring up the deficiencies displayed by the Broncos defense against the Green Bay Packers, however, more is needed.

    It pains me to say it, but Brian Dawkins is no longer an every-down safety. The Broncos need to promote Kyle McCarthy from the practice squad and keep Dawkins as a situational defender. He is a great tackler but he is slow, often times lost in coverage and the Broncos have to make a change. Rookie Quinton Carter needs to get some more snaps and see what he can contribute this season.

    Cassius Vaughn isn't cutting it. He needs to go back to special teams.

    Free-agents Ellis Hobbs is available and so is former Broncos cornerback Karl Paymah.