New York Mets: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 1, 2008

Here's the answer, and it's not just for Heilman. It's predominately, "Go."

I'm a big time baseball fan, and I can tell you that the reason for the collapse in '08 and '07 (it can be argued) was the bullpen. There are a few that I think should stay and the rest should be leaving Shea like a home run leaves Philly.



Joe Smith

Eddie Kunz

Feliciano (maybe)

Ayala (maybe)

Joe Smith was pretty good. He got some key outs in the 'pen and he did himself a favor with such a good performance.

Kunz I like, I just wouldn't do what the Yankees did and rely on their prospects to do the work for the Mets. What I'm saying is not to rely entirely on Eddie Kunz to close games.

I believe Feliciano can get his stuff back and start dominating left-handed batters the way he has in previous years.

Ayala was okay, and I do have sympathy for him because he came here as a reliever from the Nationals (and I emphasize Nationals) and got an immediate job being closer for a team who was trying to make the postseason of '08.





The rest of them

Heilman is underlined because he's the most important. He's had abysmal '07 and '08 campaigns; there is no justifiable reason to keep him around.

Shoeneweis wasn't so hot, either.

I'll say this much: He cannot play here in NY.

Sanchez, because of that car accident, has lost his stuff even with the surgery.


As far as deals, (many Mets fans are going to kill me for saying this) I think the Mets should not pursue "Big Bucks" K-Rod.

He's prone to injury and is asking for a six-year deal, twice as long as Minaya wants to give.

Whether or not Omar goes for the panacea is the question.

I think the Mets would do better pursuing Brian Fuentes. He was up for the State Farm closer of the year award, and I think he would be a great closer for the Mets.

Because Fuentes is cheaper, they can think about boosting their 'pen and sign Oliver Perez under arbitration.

As far as Perez is concerned, the Mets should sign him, rather than going after bigger dollar pitcher Derek Lowe. He is working well with pitching coach Dan Warthen and could possibly win 15 games this year.