Michael Vick Expresses Frustration in Week 4 Post-Game Press Conference

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Following the Philadelphia Eagles' third consecutive loss this Sunday, against the San Francisco 49ers, quarterback Michael Vick used the post-game press conference to voice his discontent.  

With the Eagles record dropping to 1-3, Vick took the podium for the second week in a row not shy about his frustrations.  Last week the story was the refs' lack of late hit calls causing injury to the scrambling quarterback; this week the story was just frustration period.  

When asked to describe his feelings Vick said, "My feeling? Do I really have to explain that? Do I really have to explain how I'm feeling right sitting at 1-3? You want me to explain that to everybody in here?"

Although Vick was at a bit of a loss for words when it came to pinpointing his team's lack of success and what they need to do in order to start accumulating wins. One thing he made clear was that his coaches were not to blame.

Head coach Andy Reid made an effort to take responsibility for the loss during his press conference, questioning his own play-calling and suggesting that he has perhaps been too conservative with the play calls when his team has the lead, but Vick disagreed.

"It's not the coaches being conservative, it's not the coaches in general."

Vick took the blame himself for the loss, but also seemed to express disappointment in his teammates and their inability to collectively finish the job.

"That's just gut check, some people have it some people don't but we're going to find out who got it."

Vick wasn't entirely pessimistic in his press conference though stating, "we had high expectations and we still do. Don't get me wrong, its a long season, we just gotta dig deep, we gotta dig deep and there's really nothing else to be said."

Although understandably disheartened, Vick's team is going to rely on him and his leadership to get their season turned around.

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