5 NFL Teams That Will Buy a Ticket for 2012 Andrew Luck Sweepstakes

Sam CatronContributor IIIOctober 3, 2011

5 NFL Teams That Will Buy a Ticket for 2012 Andrew Luck Sweepstakes

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    Andrew Luck is a stud.  He's 23-5 as a starter at Stanford. He was the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy last year, throwing for 32 TDs with a completion rate over 70 percent.  Did I mention that this team was 1-11 before Luck got there?

    Quarterbacks like this don't come around very often.  When you have the chance to get a quality QB like this one, you don't pass it up.

    Because there are always teams looking for the next franchise QB, here are the top five teams that are definitely going to or should take a chance to get Andrew Luck:

5. Washington Redskins

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    The Washington Redskins just finished a fierce QB battle in a lockout-shortened offseason and have chosen Sexy Rexy as their fearless leader.  

    This leaves John Beck to backup duties, but with Grossman playing well I don't think Beck will be seeing the field anytime soon.  Even though both Father Shanahan and Son Shanahan like Beck, they need a new QB.

    The Donovan McNabb debacle just proves that this is years in the making.

    Current Redskins QBs

    Rex Grossman (31): Even though the Shanahans have lit a fire underneath him, it's only a matter of time before Bad Rex shows up and becomes the best player on the opposing team.

    John Beck (30): Probably a career backup, but Beck has tools that Mike and Kyle Shanahan both like.  Hopefully more information to come.

4. Denver Broncos

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    Denver needs help.  That might also extend into the coaching aspect, but that's another article.

    At the beginning of this season Denver was also in the midst of a QB competition.

    "Competition" might not be the most fitting word, considering it looked like neither QB wanted the starting job.  In each preseason game, it just seemed to me like the job was there for the taking, but it was never taken.

    This situation is even more wild than the battle in Washington.  There were three QB's battling for this job.

    Nevertheless, Kyle Orton was named the starter and has led the fighting Broncos to a 1-3 start.

    Current Broncos QBs

    Kyle Orton (28): Had a few good years in Chicago, but probably got the raw end of the deal.  He has shown promise at times and throws a catchable ball. Often has balls caught by opposing DBs and LBs.

    Brady Quinn (26): Graded highly out of Notre Dame. Rookie-type play in Cleveland.  Traded to Denver for Peyton Hillis (whoops).  Let's face it, Quinn's future is in modeling.

    Tim Tebow (24): Two-time national champion.  Two-time All-American. Two-Time Maxwell Award recipient. Heisman Trophy winner.  Too bad those awards aren't recognized in the NFL.

3. Seattle Seahawks

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    Even though Seattle just signed Tarvaris Jackson, it's definitely entering the sweepstakes.

    There was no competition here.  Jackson was handed the reigns after Matt Hasselbeck's departure to Tennessee.

    Seattle is ranked in the basement in almost every offensive statistical category.  The Seahawks are dead last in yards per game (254), next to last in rushing per game (67.5), 29th in points per game (14.5) and 27th in pass yards per game (186.5).  Point proven.

    Current Seahawks QBs

    Tarvaris Jackson (28): Second-round draft choice by Minnesota. Once referred to as "right-handed Michael Vick" by Mike Tirico. Career backup with one full year of experience (2007). Career 24 touchdowns versus 21 interceptions. Like I said, career backup.

    Charlie Whitehurst (29): Traded to Seattle after four years of nothing in San Diego.  Probably will play some this year after calls for Jackson's head.  Good luck, Charlie!

    Josh Portis (24): Undrafted rookie from California (Pa.).  Big, athletic NCAA Division II Player of the Year.  Popped by the 5-0 in 2010 for theft, receiving stolen property and credit card fraud. No NFL experience yet.

2. Miami Dolphins

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    Miami is in a different situation than the last three teams.  It has a starter who is growing into an NFL QB.

    Chad Henne is coming on strong in the 2011 season and has shown improvement since he entered the league.  Not much of a QB competition here, though the backup was a starter in Carolina.  Henne isn't really the QB of the future but he's definitely trying to make his case.

    Miami is terrible.  Not only would the Dolphins need Andrew Luck, but they could probably use a few defensive players too.

    Fighting Fins haven't had a good QB since Dan Marino.

    Current Dolphins QBs

    Chad Henne (26): Talented QB drafted out of Michigan.  Like his predecessor Chad Pennington, Henne has had a few injuries since entering the league. Has had a few good years. Might develop. Hot girlfriend.

    Matt Moore (27): 2007 free agent signing by Cowboys.  Waived to sign to practice squad.  Claimed by Carolina.  Few decent games in 2007 and 2009 (broken leg in 2008). Concussed in 2009. Never been the same.

1. Indianapolis Colts

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    Me too, Peyton.  Me too.

    The Manning-less Colts don't stand a chance.  Hopefully, they will get Manning back after this season.  Otherwise they won't win a game.

    However, this could be a blessing in disguise.  Why not have one of the best college quarterbacks sit behind one of the best NFL quarterbacks for a while?

    Looks like Green Bay figured that out a few years back.  I think that's working out for the Packers.

    Current Colts QBs

    Peyton Manning (35): STUD. One of the best to play the game.  Classy, extremely intelligent, semi-good looking, rocket arm. Probably should have his brain studied in one of those big and fancy labs.

    Kerry Collins (38): Collins is spent.  Heck, he came out of retirement for this gig.  Did some great things in his career. Ranks 11th in all-time passing yards.  Major stints with Carolina, New York Giants and Tennessee. Started his career when Andrew Luck was six years old.

    Curtis Painter (26): Drafted in 2009 out of Purdue.  Once threw for 546 yards in Motor City Bowl.  Three career games, all for Indy.  Not Peyton Manning.