Cardinals Plague Continues: Coach Whisenhunt or Players Fault?

Tobe MooreContributor IIIOctober 2, 2011

Coach Ken Whisenhunt
Coach Ken WhisenhuntNorm Hall/Getty Images

Just another average Sunday for Cardinals fans.

In the weakest division, probably in NFL history, the Cardinals continue to under perform by an offense that can't seem to get one first down when needed, and even worse, a defense that can't step up to seal a game.

No doubt if you're a Cardinals fan reading this, you had that same sick feeling I did, as a 4th quarter lead was blown late to have the Cards fail in a hard fought game. What makes matters worse, is the 'salt in the wound' call by the refs on Victor Cruz supposedly 'giving himself up' with over two minutes remaining in the game.   

You would think by now, the Cards would focus more on a stouter defense, since nothing has changed from the late collapse in Super Bowl 43 against coach Whisenhunt's 'NFL Alma Mater',  the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maybe the Cards went after the wrong coach in Pittsburgh. I wonder what Bill Cowher would have done here with his disciplinary style of coaching. I can guarantee we'd have a better defense.

Maybe the Cards went after the wrong QB this off season. With all the talented quarterbacks coming out of the draft this year, I can't help but wonder did we commit too much to get an unproven QB like Kevin Kolb. No doubt he's a great guy, but his on field skills appear very inconsistent without any signs of improving after four games this season.      

Only time will tell, but so far this season it appears the Cards have dug a hole in the desert sand and buried their head in it. But, maybe they can start playing to their potential and finish above 8-8, which very well could win the division again this year.

"What say you"?