Broncos vs. Packers: 9 Things We Learned from Green Bay's 49-23 Win

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIOctober 2, 2011

Broncos vs. Packers: 9 Things We Learned from Green Bay's 49-23 Win

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    The Denver Broncos became the 10th straight opponent to lose to the Green Bay Packers, when they fell 49-23 at Lambeau Field. Honestly, it doesn't look like this streak of consecutive wins will stop anytime soon.

    What started as a close game quickly became a blowout, as the Packers' offense completely took over. Here are nine things we learned from Green Bay's 49-23 win over the Denver Broncos.

Aaron Rodgers Is the Best Quarterback in the NFL

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    Sorry Tom Brady, but it is officially time to move over.

    Anyone who still thinks that Brady is a better quarterback right now than Aaron Rodgers is living in a delusional world. With each game that Rodgers plays, he distances himself more and more from all other quarterbacks.

    His first-quarter touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson was a beautiful throw that few other quarterbacks could throw as far and as perfect as he did. His quarterback sneak for a touchdown was a play that you will never see Tom Brady make. Shall I keep going?

    There isn't a throw that Rodgers can't make, and today we saw his arm strength and touch at its best.

    By the end of the year, Rodgers will be light-years ahead of the other quarterbacks in the NFL.

He Will Also Win MVP

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    We'll continue to talk about Aaron Rodgers for another second as he is also clearly the front runner to win Most Valuable Player this year.

    Not only is he so valuable to this team, but he is playing the best football of his career right now. He has been nearly unstoppable this year, and he doesn't appear to have any intentions of slowing down.

    His career-high 408 passing yards, four touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns this game only add to his already impressive statistics on the season.

    Week 4 is a little early to hand out the MVP award, but it's Rodgers' award to lose right now.

Charles Woodson Is in the Running for Defensive Player of the Year

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    With his second interception returned for a touchdown so far this season, Charles Woodson has positioned himself to have a chance to win his second Defensive Player of the Year award in three seasons.

    He isn't playing as consistently as we've seen in past years, but the big plays are absolutely still there. Few cornerbacks are as big of a threat as Woodson to score every single time the ball is in his hands.

    If Woodson starts playing more consistent football, he will need to be in talks for Defensive Player of the Year.

Bryan Bulaga Needs to Return Soon

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    After Bryan Bulaga went down with an injury last week against the Chicago Bears, Marshall Newhouse came in and played very well.

    However, Newhouse had major difficulties during the first start of his career. He was constantly beat off the line by rookie Von Miller, giving up two sacks. He also struggled at opening running lanes for James Starks.

    With Newhouse on the field, this offensive line for the Green Bay Packers is a major liability.

Mike McCarthy Has Some Major Gonads

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    From going for it on fourth down on the Green Bay Packers' first possession to an onside kick early in the second quarter, Mike McCarthy has shown that he has some major gonads.

    Many, myself included, have sometimes been critical of McCarthy's conservative play calling. However, he showed that he is still willing to push the envelope when beneficial to his team.

    I really like the boldness that I saw from McCarthy in this game, and hopefully it continues through the rest of the season..

What Has Happened to Clay Matthews?

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    Seriously, what has happened to Clay Matthews? Where is the dominance that we saw all of last year?

    Once again, Matthews wasn't able to make a difference on the defensive side of the ball like we are used to seeing. Sure, he put pressure on Kyle Orton at times, but he had another goose egg in the sack column.

    I'm not sure if teams realize that they can double up on Matthews because no one else can put pressure on the quarterback or what, but this problem needs to be fixed right now.

    The reason that this Green Bay Packers' defense has been so dominant in recent years is because of the pressure that Matthews is able to put on the quarterback. With no pressure, this defense is simply mediocre.

This Will Be Donald Driver's Final Season

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    Look, I love Donald Driver, and the toughness he showed by coming back after a knee injury in the first half was impressive. I was even more impressed by his late fourth quarter touchdown reception.

    However, with Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Randall Cobb all nipping at his heels, this has to be his final season for the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay just has too many potent options for Driver to continue to be a real threat.

    Driver was hardly targeted for the third straight game, and I can't see it getting any better for the rest of the season. There is no doubt that he has been the heart and soul of this team for many years, but it is time to pass the torch.

Tramon Williams Is Struggling

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    It wasn't a very good day for Tramon Williams.

    Williams was constantly beat by both Brandon Lloyd and Eric Decker. After last season, many started talking about him as being one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

    However, he struggled this game and hasn't performed as well as we all expected so far this season. With Sam Shields continuing his strong play, we might begin to see less of Williams and more of Shields.

Packers vs. Lions on Thanksgiving Day Will Be the Best Game of the Year

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    Not only will the Thanksgiving Day game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions be an offensive shootout, it could also decide who is an early favorite to get the top seed for the NFC playoffs.

    These are the last two undefeated teams in the NFL, and right now they also look like the top two teams in the league. This will be the first time in recent years that people will be excited to watch a football game in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day.