Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers: 6 Keys for Broncos Against the Champs

Jason MuckleySenior Analyst IISeptember 30, 2011

Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers: 6 Keys for Broncos Against the Champs

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    The Denver Broncos have their work cut out for them in Week 4 against the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers.

    Most people will write off the Broncos, as they have struggled mightily in the first three weeks of the season, and the Packers have made their three wins look effortless.

    However, I think the Broncos will come up with some schemes to keep it close at Lambeau Field and if the ball bounces their way this week, the Broncos could knock off the champs.

    Keep reading to find out how they'll do it.

Get Eric Decker Involved Early

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    WR Eric Decker has been a rising star for the Broncos with the numerous injuries they've faced in the young 2011 season. Decker has stepped up and had some great games thus far.

    The Green Bay Packers' weakness on defense has been up the seam and underneath passes in the middle of the defense.

    That is the area where Decker thrives. Kyle Orton to Decker needs to be called up frequently if the Broncos want to have a chance against the Packers.

Establish the Running Game

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    The Broncos have struggled running the ball this season, but hopefully they will get Knowshon Moreno back this week to help offset Willis McGahee. 

    McGahee managed just 52 yards last week against a good Tennessee Titans front four. However, against a softer defense in the Cincinnati Bengals, McGahee rushed for 101 yards.

    If Moreno is ready to go this week, he should help carry the load and the Broncos must combine for more than 100 yards rushing if they want any chance against the Packers.

    Rushing the ball will keep the Broncos' offense on the field and keep the ball out of the hands of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Get Help From Defensive Players Coming Off Injuries

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    The Broncos have suffered a myriad of injuries early on in the 2011 season. However, they are hoping to have some of their best defensive weapons back this week to face some of the best offensive weapons in the league.

    Denver is hoping to get four major contributors on defense back this week to take on Green Bay—Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil, D.J. Williams and Marcus Thomas.

    These guys are all regular starters who will make an immediate impact for the Broncos as long as they are healthy enough to play.

Doom and Gloom Must Pressure Aaron Rodgers

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    With the prospect of Elvis Dumervil (Doom) being back on the field across from rookie sensation Von Miller (Gloom), the pass rushing capabilities for the Broncos increase exponentially.

    Doom and Gloom must get to Rodgers and put serious pressure on him throughout the game. They need to rush throws, knock him down and pick up sacks.

    If the Broncos can get Rodgers out of rhythm and maybe a little woozy, it will help contain his various weapons all over the field.

    Defensive pressure will be key for the Broncos to win against the Packers.

Maintain Tight Coverage on Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley

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    The Green Bay Packers have a high-flying offense led by Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers' favorite targets are Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley.

    Finley had three touchdowns in the red zone against the Chicago Bears just last week.

    The Broncos need to keep tight coverage on Finley and shift players around to ensure they don't find themselves victims of Rodgers' back-shoulder fade pass that ruined the Bears.

    Getting back Champ Bailey should help the Broncos' defense, as he will match up against Greg Jennings for a tight battle all game long.

    Bailey needs to win that battle against Jennings and limit his touches, as Jennings can torch anyone on the deep ball if they don't pay attention to him.

Score Points in the Red Zone

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    One of the biggest deficiencies of the Denver Broncos so far has been their inability to get touchdowns near the goal line.

    Last week, it cost the Broncos the game against the Tennessee Titans.

    A fourth down run to McGahee with a slim lead that couldn't yield one measly yard meant all the difference.

    If the Broncos don't score touchdowns against the Packers, this game will get real ugly, real fast. For head coach John Fox, that might mean being unorthodox.

    Tim Tebow has to be a factor near the end zone for the Broncos. He gives them the run-pass option to stretch defenses. He can pound the ball into the end zone or fake the run and pass for a touchdown.

    Kyle Orton has been given hundreds of chances to show he can take over the game near the goal line but has consistently failed this season.

    The Broncos have to put in some trick plays and different looks. Even if Tebow hands the ball off to McGahee or Moreno, the Broncos need him in the game.