Buy or Sell? NFL Week 4 Edition, Which Teams Are Pretending?

Christopher Smith@MileHighMentorCorrespondent IIISeptember 29, 2011

Buy or Sell? NFL Week 4 Edition, Which Teams Are Pretending?

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    Week 3 of the NFL regular season is in the books and the league still lacks definition.

    It's hard to say whether the 3-0 teams are the real deal, and the 0-3 teams are really that bad.

    So far we've seen upsets in the AFC East, disappointments in the NFC East and South, and a whole mess of confusion throughout the rest of the league.

    We could look to ESPN's NFL power rankings to get an idea of how the teams stack up, but these questions deserve a bit more accuracy than ESPN's experts are dishing out in their weekly list.

    Are the Buffalo Bills going to win the AFC East?

    Are the Minnesota Vikings really this bad?

    Can the San Francisco 49ers actually win a division?

    Let's answer some of these in this week's Buy or Sell.

Buy or Sell? Minnesota Vikings at 0-3

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    The Minnesota Vikings have Adrian Peterson and Donovan McNabb running their offense.

    They also own a winless record.

    Is this really the way Minnesota is going to run this year?

    I'm selling this slow start for the Vikings. Peterson is too tough of a runner, and too much of a threat. McNabb is a veteran quarterback who knows how to win games.

    Unfortunately, their defense knows how to give up leads, which is something they must soon forget if they plan on turning this season around.

    Still, I'm not counting on Minnesota to go 0-16 in 2011.

    They face the Chiefs and the Cardinals in the following weeks, and with some luck against Arizona, they should improve their record to 2-3 and get back on track.

Buy or Sell? Buffalo Bills Are Undefeated

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    I'm not buying this one either.

    I know they beat the New England Patriots, and they came back to beat everybody's new underdog favorite Oakland Raiders, but this is still a very young team.

    The Bills have enjoyed a strong start to the season made possible by the gun-slinging Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    To do so, they had to come back from double-digit deficits two weeks in a row.

    At some point, the offense is going to have a hard time coming back and winning games late—just look at the 2009 Denver Broncos and you'll see that playing from behind all season will eventually catch up with you.

    Buffalo won't be so fortunate the next time they face New England on the road.

    After next week's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Bills should increase to 4-0, but then they face the best three teams of the NFC East one after the other.

    While 4-3 is still a respectable record, this will signal the quick downfall of a team that has a lot of fans' hopes really high right now.

    I'll buy for one more week, and then this team is on the block.

Buy or Sell? Detroit Lions Are No. 4 in Power Rankings

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    I'm buying as much of the Detroit Lions as I can.

    Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Javhid Best, oh my!

    This team is the real deal, and they're about to light up the Dallas Cowboys in Week 4.

    Most might believe that Detroit is still rebuilding, but this team is clearly standing on a strong foundation, and they've got the playmakers and talent to make a huge impact in the league this year.

    The Cowboys, Bears, 49ers and Falcons might not know it, but they're part of Detroit's 7-0 start in 2011.

    Expect the Lions in the playoffs this year, pick them every week and don't look back. These guys are good.

Buy or Sell? Tony Romo as a Hero

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    Yeah right.

    Wait, you still own stock in Tony Romo?

    Sell this guy and sell him fast.

    The idea that Romo continues to get as much publicity as he does as the Cowboys' star quarterback is ridiculous.

    Listen, I like the guy, and apparently plenty of starlets out there are willing to give him a try, but as a quarterback he does more damage than he does good.

    Give me as many triumphant injury returns and fourth quarters against the 49ers that you want, I'm still not buying Romo. He's kept Dallas mediocre-to-good for years, and he won't be getting any better any time soon.

    Remember that snap he dropped on the extra point years ago? That was a sign to get rid of him, Dallas!

Buy or Sell? Cam Newton, the Super Rookie

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    This one is tough for a lot of people to call. 

    Or is it?

    No, actually it's not.

    Cam Newton is downright awesome. He can throw the ball deep, he can run his butt off, and now he's proved he can win games when all the elements on Earth are against him.

    If a rookie enters the league and breaks the single-game passing record for a first-year player, then it's safe to say he's the man. Don't forget he almost broke it twice.

    Tim Tebow fans: stop the comparison now, this kid is in a league of his own.

    Buy, buy, buy.