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Eli Marger@Eli_MargerCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2011

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - SEPTEMBER 27:  First baseman Mark Teixeira #25 of the New York Yankees takes the throw at first as Johnny Damon #22 of the Tampa Bay Rays gets back safely during the game at Tropicana Field on September 27, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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9:31 PM

The Rays seem to have given up, and they enter the seventh inning down by seven runs. Their attention should also be on the Red Sox game, where the Sox lead 3-2 in the seventh.

In Atlanta, Raul Ibanez, up with the bases loaded against Johnny Venters, struck out. One can only expect Craig Kimbrel to pitch the ninth.

9:25 PM

The Braves have Johnny Venters in the game with a 3-2 lead in the eighth inning over Philadelphia.

In Houston, the Cardinals are running away with the win, up 7-0 in the fifth inning.

The Red Sox maintain a 3-2 lead over Baltimore, while the Rays look punchless against the Yankees.

9:16 PM

Jon Lester has had a gutsy outing for Boston tonight, and with Matt Albers warming, you have to think the lefty will be done soon.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals added on a run to go up 7-0 on the Astros.

The Yankees continue to lead the Rays 7-0.

9:12 PM

The Braves got out of a potential disaster and maintain a 3-2 lead over Atlanta.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox have allowed two Orioles to reach with Vlad Guerrero at the plate and nobody out. Tense times.

9:09 PM

Philadelphia has added a run to cut the Braves' lead to 3-2. It is officially panic time in Atlanta. Eric O'Flaherty is in the game for the Braves.

The Cardinals are holding their lead, and probably trying to smile with a potential Phillies comeback.

9:05 PM

The Rays have had the leadoff man on in the last three innings, but have only one hit the entire game.

The Cardinals lead the Astros 6-0 in the fourth inning,while the Braves are up 3-1 on Philadelphia with the Phillies threatening.

8:59 PM

Jon Lester worked out of a jam. After allowing a leadoff double to Mark Reynolds, the Red Sox did not allow a run. The Braves and Phillies have moved to the 7th inning, while the Rays continue to be one-hit by the Yankees.

Phil Hughes is in the game for New York.

8:56 PM

Chris Carpenter has singled (yes, you read that right) to drive in a run and give the Cardinals a 6-0 lead in Houston. coupled with Atlanta's lead over Philadelphia, a playoff is looking likely.

8:54 PM

A collapse is continuing in St. Petersburg as the Yankees have taken a 7-0 lead on an Andruw Jones home run off Juan Cruz.

The Red Sox, though, are not out of the woods, as the Orioles have a man on third with one out.

8:48 PM

Phillies have made an interesting move, bringing in Vance Worley to face the Braves. 3-1 Braves in the bottom of the sixth there.

Chris Carpenter is cruising and the Cardinals lead Houston 5-0 in the third.

The Yankees' 6-0 lead looks very good right now entering the fifth inning, while the Red Sox lead the Orioles 3-2 going into the bottom of the fifth.

8:44 PM

Have to give credit to Tim Hudson for the game he's throwing in Atlanta. There was a lot of doubt about him, but he has thrown very well this evening. Things are looking good in A-town with a few innings to go.

8:41 PM

So here's where we stand— if the scores hold, the Red Sox will win the AL Wild Card and the Braves and Cardinals will play a one-game playoff in St. Louis tomorrow evening.

It looks bleak for Tampa Bay, who trails by six runs. The Yankees, however, will be pitching none of their "good" relievers, so the game is far from over in the bottom of the fourth.

8:35 PM

Mark Teixeira has just hit another home run for the Yankees, and Dustin Pedroia has hit one out for Boston to make it 3-2 Red Sox.

Touching on the NL games, the Braves and Phillies are already in the 6th inning, with Atlanta on top 3-1. In Houston, the Cardinals have a 5-0 lead on the Astros. Interestingly, this is the best run support Chris Carpenter has gotten this season.

8:27 PM

Brigade of pitching changes is occurring in St. Pete for the Yankees. Aaron Laffey will be the pitcher now.

In Boston, a balk call on Alfredo Simon gave the Red Sox a run, and that game is tied 2-2.

The Phillies trail Atlanta, 3-1, and the Cardinals are up 5-0 over the Astros in the first inning.

8:14 PM

Interesting to note that Alex Torres is warming up in Tampa Bay's bullpen right now. As of now, Price should probably be done after the third inning.

All other scores have held.

8:06 PM

J.j. Hardy's two-run home run has given Baltimore a 2-1 lead over the Red Sox. Big sigh of relief in St. Petersburg.

8:05 PM

The Braves have taken a 3-1 lead on the Phillies with a 2-run home run by Dan Uggla. What a turnaround he's had this year.

Red Sox still lead 1-0, and Yankees are up 5-0 on the Rays.

7:53 PM

Mark Teixeira has hit a grand slam against the Rays, and it is 5-0 New York. David Price brought nothing with him tonight. It was a 3-2 fastball down the middle to Tex.

At this point, you have to hope Boston loses if you're the Rays, and that isn't looking likely. The Rays really need to get going on offense and start chipping away at this big early deficit.

Philly and Atlanta are still tied at 1 going into the bottom of the third.

7:49 PM

Red Sox have the lead, two on and nobody out, while the Yankees have two on and one out.

The Rays can't be feeling great right now, especially with David Price clearly off his game. His command is totally shot.

7:46 PM

David Price's curveball is doing absolutely nothing for him tonight. Eduardo Nunez drilled one, as did Brandon Laird. Runners on the corners for Derek Jeter.

7:41 PM

Joe West's strike zone is interesting. No low strikes, and a very generous outside corner. Betances took advantage of the latter and got out of his first inning unharmed. The nerves are already going in Tampa Bay.

B.J. Upton made a tremendous catch on a sinking liner by Jesus Montero, but may have jammed his wrist.

7:37 PM

You can't think Betances will be in much longer for the Yankees. He's missing by a lot on most pitches, and his strikes are hittable. Aaron Laffey up in the bullpen already.

7:30 PM

Betances is very slow to the plate. Upton stole second easily after a walk, and now a walk to Longoria brings Larry Rothschild out of the Yankees' dugout.

Red Sox and Orioles still scoreless, and the Braves and Phillies are still tied up at one.

7:28 PM

Dellin Betances is 6'8", that's for sure. Huge kid with a big fastball, but doesn't follow through well sometimes. It'll be interesting to see how he pitches to the Rays.

Atlanta tied up Philly on a Chipper Jones sacrifice fly. 1-1 in the top of the second.

7:26 PM

Ben Zobrist makes that play 999 out of 1,000 times, but this one error cost the Rays a run. They trail 1-0 coming in to hit. It will be very interesting to see if Price can find the strike zone better in the second. Lots of balls.

Jon Lester got through the first unscathed. Good life on his fastball tonight, which wasn't the case last time out.

7:22 PM

In St. Petersburg, David Price is visibly frustrated and is missing badly to Nick Swisher.

In Baltimore, Jon Lester struck out Robert Andino looking, but then gave up a double to J.J. Hardy. Gotta keep an eye on him.

7:20 PM

Ryan Howard has doubled home Hunter Pence and the Phillies lead 1-0 over the Braves. Tim Hudson, shaky of late, is off to a rough start.

Now, we get to see Jon Lester, who is pitching on three-days rest for Boston. He's been throwing batting practice recently.

The Rays are now down 1-0 after Curtis Granderson scored off an error by 2B Ben Zobrist.

7:16 PM

David Price looks questionable against New York. Good velocity on the fastball, but he's not on top of his game command-wise. Joe West is not calling many low strikes tonight, not a good sign for either starter.

Alfredo Simon gets through the first after giving up a walk to Big Papi.

7:12 PM

Baltimore's Alfredo Simon sure can throw the ball—97 on the fastball as Ellsbury pops up for the first out. Meanwhile, David Price struck out Derek Jeter and Jimmy Rollins is out after a ten-pitch at bat against Tim Hudson. 

7:10 PM

Interesting to see Ryan Lavarnway in the five-hole for Boston. The kid can swing, and putting him so high for such a big game is a real vote of confidence.

First pitch coming up for TB-NYY, BOS-BAL, and ATL-PHI.

Let's play ball.

7:06 PM

A few more minutes until first pitch, and a few notes. To clarify, here's the situation, in both leagues. If Team A wins and Team B loses, Team A wins the wild card (and vice versa). If both teams win or lose, there will be a one-game playoff tomorrow, hosted by St. Louis and Tampa Bay.

For those looking to watch, the Red Sox-Orioles game is on ESPN.

7:00 PM

To clarify, I'm going to be covering mainly the Rays-Yankees and Orioles-Red Sox games. I will be providing updates on the NL games too, though.

The pitching matchups:

Price (TB) vs. Betances (NYY)

Lester (BOS) vs. Simon (BAL)

Carpenter (STL) vs. Myers (HOU)

Blanton (PHI) vs. Hudson (ATL)

6:50 PM

Just learned that Alex Rodriguez was a late scratch for the Yankees. Brandon Laird will take his spot at third base.

4:08 PM

Good afternoon everybody! Hope you all are excited for a great evening of baseball, as I am pumped about bringing you live analysis of tonight's games.

Just to be candid, this will be my first live blog on Bleacher Report, and I'll be figuring it out as I go along, so bare with me here until I get it figured out.


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