Steelers Beat Colts 23-20; Polamalu, Harrison and Roethlisberger Looked Good

Gladys Louise TylerContributor ISeptember 28, 2011

The TinMan Shows His Heart
The TinMan Shows His HeartMatthew Stockman/Getty Images

Who knew the TinMan would get his heart back; actually two hearts in the form of Mathis and Freeney. Robert Mathis took advantage of rookie right tackle Marcus Gilbert while Dwight Freeney played with left tackle Jonathan Scott.   

The Steelers' 23-20 victory over the Colts wasn’t the rout that most expected, but it was a win and at the end of the day Pittsburgh has a 2-1 record after three weeks. 

Just a side note here: The San Diego Chargers were supposed to decimate the Kansas City Chiefs and barely came away with a three-point win. Does this mean that they too are tired, old and slow?

Until the Colts game, the Steelers had turned the ball over 10 times and hadn't made one takeaway. The Steelers have nine sacks in three games while opponents have seven sacks against them.  Pittsburgh's opponents have four interceptions while the Steelers have zero.   

In the game against the Colts, Troy Polamalu once again began to glimpse what the pocket of the other team resembles. Polamalu’s stats for three games are 17 tackles, one sack and zero interceptions.   

James Harrison’s late time sack of third string quarterback Curtis Painter is the first sack recorded by the Steelers in the first three games. Harrison has 20 tackles, one forced fumble and two sacks through three games. 

The Steelers' offense looked good for the first seven minutes of the game, but the offensive line soon faltered, along with the running game. Mendenhall has averaged three yards per carry, while Roethlisberger has recorded three touchdowns and four interceptions through three games. But the Steelers won against the Colts 23-20 on a last minute field goal. Reason for rejoicing, are the Steelers defining themselves. 

Here is a theory; defenses are normally lagging behind offenses as a cohesive unit on a shortened preseason. The Steel Nation is used to seeing Harrison hit it hard, Polamalu causing chaos for the opposing teams, with the defense causing takeaways and pandemonium. 

The Steel Nation is used to the offensive line being less than stellar and Roethlisberger holding the ball, extending the play and taking hits. It is the defense that is usually there to pick the offense up. And now it is the turnover ratio that is the cause for concern. 

And the impression is the defense is inept, but is it really? The running game is averaging 3.0 yards per carry on the back of Rashard Mendenhall. The quarterback and the offensive line have allowed seven sacks and four interceptions. Sunday versus the Colts there were strong hints of the Steelers of old.  The defense had sparks. 

The Steelers are 2-1. The offensive line has holes, and Roethlisberger holds the ball too long.  Sound familiar? The defense will catch up with the offense; in fact the defense will once again surpass the offense, and for the Steelers that’s a good thing. So Big Ben keep extending those plays, Harrison, Polamalu, Woodley and the men got your back. 

Yea they are the oldest team in the league, but with age comes experience: George Clooney or Justin Bieber? Halle Berry or Britney Spears (forget about the Slave 4 U phase and focus on the shaving her head episode)? See what I’m saying everything good comes with age.