NFL's Stock Up Stock Down Week 4: Whose Value Is Plummeting After Week 3?

Gordon BlockContributor IIISeptember 27, 2011

NFL's Stock Up Stock Down Week 4: Whose Value Is Plummeting After Week 3?

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    Football, like any game, has winners and losers.

    Likewise, for any player or team whose value skyrockets with their gameday play, there are a few who fail to match the high expectations placed on them.

    Whether it's sloppy decision making, poor execution, or just bad luck, these players and teams have distinguished themselves (in a less than positive way) with their play this weekend.

    Here are some of the players and teams whose value has been diminished by their play in Week 3.

Cam Newton

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    Cam Newton shocked most NFL analysts with his remarkable play in his first two starts, averaging more than 400 yards a week. It wasn't all that unlikely that he was destined for somewhat of a let down.

    Playing on a rainy day in Charlotte, Newton's numbers took a substantial dip. While he avoided any interceptions, Newton's 158 yards and solo touchdown pass are a drop down from the past two weeks. For large portions of the game, Newton couldn't link up with his receivers, especially Steve Smith.

    While Newton's play doesn't mean he won't be a highly effective passer, it does suggest that he may have a few inconsistent performances as he makes the adjustment to the speed of the pro game.

Ben Roethlisberger

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    Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had one of the best matchups of the week, throwing against an injured and demoralized Indianapolis Colts defense.

    However, Big Ben failed to rise to the occasion, and gave up three turnovers during the game. Pittsburgh was still able to win, but it was in spite of Roethlisberger, not because of him.

    Combined with the Steelers blowout loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1, Roethlisberger has failed to play at his regular level in the early portion of the season.

Chris Johnson

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    One of the most talented backs in the NFL, Johnson has been lost in the shuffle in a Tennessee Titans team that is going through a massive reformation. 

    With the Titans focusing more on the aerial attack (the team ranks seventh in the league in passing yardage), the team has left the running game in the dark (the team is last in the league with 51.7 rushing yards a game).

    Johnson has failed to break 60 rushing yards in a game so far, and has been most effective catching passes from out of the backfield.

    While it's tough to imagine a talent like Johnson continuing to struggle, it appears his talents could be getting dismissed.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    The so-called "Dream Team" failed to live to the hype Sunday, getting blown out  by NFC East rival New York Giants.

    The game exposed the team's major weaknesses: ineffective pass protection and a lackluster linebacker unit.

    Even worse, quarterback Michael Vick took an injury to his non-throwing hand, and the team's backup quarterback situation seems less than assuring.

    While the Eagles have a favorable matchup against an offensively challenged San Francisco 49ers, the team has many shortfalls that have become common knowledge and will be exploited.

Indianapolis Colts

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    Things went from bad to worse with the Indianapolis Colts as Kerry Collins left Sunday night's game with a possible concussion. 

    Backup Curtis Painter does not appear to be the quarterback to get the job done, and it will be interesting to see if the Colts look to free agency to potentially grab a part-time starter (does anybody have David Garrard's number?)

Kevin Kolb

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    In what should have been an easily winnable matchup for the Arizona Cardinals versus the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Kevin Kolb could not get the job done.

    On top of throwing two interceptions and nearly losing a fumble, Kolb appeared to have a tough time picking out open receivers even against a sloppy Seahawks secondary.

    His only touchdown pass was a desperate heave into tight double coverage that was fortunately spotted and picked out by all-world receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

    For a quarterback that has the weight of the franchise on his back, Kolb has to step up his game this coming week against the New York Giants.

Minnesota Vikings

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    Three weeks, three second half leads blown. 

    How bad is it? The Vikings have managed only two field goals in the second half in their first three games.

    If Minnesota cannot get its act together with two very manageable games ahead, the Vikings could be in store for a painfully long season.