Denver Broncos: Is John Fox Painting Himself into a Corner with Kyle Orton?

Pete WilliamsCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2011

NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 25: Coach John Fox of the Denver Broncos looks to the scoreboard during the final minute against the Tennessee Titans  at LP Field on September 25, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee won 17-14. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

After reading the comments from John Fox after the game with the Tennessee Titans, it sounds more and more like John Fox is painting himself into a corner with Kyle Orton.

A head coach should of course always be behind his starting QB—but with Fox's refusal to play Tebow even in red zone packages, where Tebow by far is the team's most productive player, it is starting to sound like Fox has tied himself to the hip of Orton.

With the Broncos failing to produce results, Orton failing to show he can win games for the Broncos, the total lack of a John Fox trademark running game and, not least, the most boring offense in the NFL, John Fox is coming under increasing pressure from fans and media.

John Fox and Kyle Orton both have stated that they don't care about what the fans think and they are both clearly irritated when the Tebow question is brought up by the media.

It isn't just a question of being a Tebow-ite or an Orton faithful. It's increasingly becoming a question of why? Why not try Tebow in special packages? Why not see if Tebow has what it takes? Why continue with Orton when it is clear that he isn't the long term solution? And why keep pretending this team can reach the playoffs?

When Tebow earlier was asked if there had been special packages drawn up for him, he said there hasn't been. But suddenly after the Titans game, Fox said that they do have special packages for Tebow, but that he didn't feel that bringing in Tebow was the best option. Well, we certainly know what was the wrong option.

To me, it is starting to sound like there is no way that Fox will bring Tebow into the game. Not even if Tebow would give the Broncos the best option to score. And it sounds as if Fox is getting more and more entrenched in his stand.


Unless the Broncos start winning, the pressure from fans and questions from the media will continue to grow. And with the Packers and Chargers on the menu before the bye week, does that really sound plausible? The Miami Dolphins after the bye is a must-win, and then there are still five days to trade Orton or Tebow?

I think that Fox is clearly in danger of alienating himself from a lot of the fans with his stance on the Tebow thing and his negativity whenever the Tebow question is asked.

Maybe this is just an issue of John Fox and the Broncos front office's poor handling of the media. However, I think it is interesting that John Elway has been very silent in the media about the poor play and, of course, the Tebow thing.

And I have to ask: Is this just a part of a suck-for-Luck strategy, while using Tebow to sell jerseys and season tickets?