Michael Vick Injury: How Philadelphia Eagles Would Do Without Their Star

Daniel CiarrocchiCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2011

Michael Vick Injury: How Philadelphia Eagles Would Do Without Their Star

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    A recent tweet by NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora states Michael Vick's hand injury is not as serious as initially expected:

    "Andy Reid reports Mike Vick has hand contusion, no fracture. Lots of swelling. Vick had more medical tests this morning."

    LaCanfora added:

    "Still a chance Vick plays this week. Will depend on how the hand heals, amount of lingering swelling, how Vick can grip snaps/handoffs."

    This is phenomenal news for Eagles fans, although it is just another chapter in a growing document of Vick's health concerns. It's apparent that Vick's style of play will always put him in danger of injury, and a safe backup plan is needed.

    Vince Young and Mike Kafka are waiting on the sideline in case such a catastrophe happens, but a team with Super Bowl aspirations needs more than just a safety net. They need a winner.

    The question is, if Vick goes down, will they have one? 

What Vince Young Brings

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    Vince Young career has been a turbulent one, but is a proven winner despite many incidents of off-the-field drama. 

    Young has compiled a 30-18 record as a starter, and his similar skill set to Michael Vick made him an attractive option for the Eagles to sign this offseason. 

    It sounds like the Eagles have a viable backup, but the lockout in the 2011 offseason adds an asterisk to that fact. 

    Andy Reid's offense is extremely complex and would be difficult for any quarterback to grasp, especially in a shortened offseason.

    Keep in mind, that Young scored a dismal six out of a possible 50 on his Wonderlic test, leaving many to question how well he could adjust in such a short amount of time. 

    It's clear that the Eagles would love for Young to be their guy in the event of Vick's injury. His physical attributes are superior and with knowledge of the offense, he would provide a seamless transition for the rest of the offense if Vick goes down. 

    It all depends on his mental preparedness. 

What Mike Kafka Brings

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    Mike Kafka may not have the physical gifts that Vince Young has, but his athleticism should not be ignored.

    In the spread offense at Northwestern, Kafka ran for 883 yards and 11 touchdowns and has a combination of accuracy and mobility that Andy Reid loves from his signal callers.

    Kafka is entering his second year in the NFL and has had time to digest the Eagles offense. Familiarity with the playbook is key to proper execution, which is a must in the event the starting quarterback goes down. The room for error would be minimal, and Kafka's preparedness could help that cause.

    What Kafka doesn't bring to the table, however, is big-play ability. Though accurate, he does not possess the deep arm that force many teams to back off and respect the speed of threats like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. 

    Kafka could still help the Eagles win games, but a major change would need to be made in the team's big-play philosophy in order to do so.

What the Philadelphia Eagles Will Miss Without Michael Vick

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    There isn't enough room on this slideshow that would document what the Eagles would miss if Michael Vick were to be lost for a significant amount of time.

    Vick has been a touchdown machine in his short time in Philadelphia, but it's what cannot be measured that the Eagles would perhaps miss the most.

    He's arguably the most formidable dual-threat quarterback in the history of the game, and the mere aspect of preparation that defenses have to go through before facing him speaks volumes.

    He is the unquestioned leader of an offense that can score from anywhere on  the field and at any time. If this Eagles team is a contending one, then that ability is priceless for a team that will be playing many close games.

    Young and Kafka could both be serviceable quarterbacks, but serviceable is a major downgrade from superior. 

How Will the Philadelphia Eagles Fare Without Michael Vick?

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    These aren't the Indianapolis Colts.

    Owner Jeffrey Lurie and company have worked hard to make sure the Eagles have a deep roster that isn't overwhelmingly dependent on its quarterback.

    It's true that the quarterback position is the most important one on the field, and if Vick were to go down, it would be devastating. However, Vince Young and Mike Kafka are no schlubs.

    Both bring very different skill sets to the table, but both are capable of executing the offense and making smart decisions with the football.

    At the end of the day, that may be all that the Philadelphia Eagles will need.