NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Who is the NFL's Worst Team?

Brooke McGeeCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Who is the NFL's Worst Team?

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    There are a few teams this year who are suffering. When presented with the duty to discuss the worst teams in the NFL right now, I took this a little more seriosuly than just, "Who sucks?"

    To be bad, really, truly awful, you can't just perform poorly on the field. You also need to have behind you poor management. Even better for a bad grade is if your talent scouts have no talent themselves.

    In a situation like this, not only are you performing at your worst currently, but you also have little to no potential to improve anywhere in the near future. Are any of our teams living up to this reputation?

Indianapolis Colts

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    We have a lot of underdogs right now. In all of the NFL, we have the Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams all at zip-zero-nada in the win department so far.

    It's obviously a lot easier to lose three times than win three times, because we only have three teams who are 3-0. But we aren't talking talent right now, we're talking about the lack thereof.

    I'm taking the Colts out of the running right now by default. I'm sorry, but you can't lose your four-time NFL MVP quarterback and then go right to the bottom of the barrel. This team has a lot to offer and we know that. It's honestly a very unfortunate circumstance they are in.

    Shame on James Irsay for not planning ahead for such a loss, but still, I'm giving them a Get Out of Jail Free card on this one.

Minnesota Vikings

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    Take at look at the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs. Ironically, the two teams are going to face off at Arrowhead Stadium this week, encouraging one team while simultaneously depressing another.

    The Vikings are coming off a 6-10 record last season, while the Chiefs sat at the exact opposite at 10-6. Considering the Chiefs were the AFC West champs last season, process of elimination has them over the Vikings.

    Too bad for Adrian Peterson.

    Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is lucky I'm not counting 2009, because his 4-12 record would make me reconsider a lot, had the Vikings' head coach been at the job prior to Week 12 of last year.

Miami Dolphins

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    The Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams both finished 7-9 last year in their respective divisions, with the Rams bringing in only a few more points the whole season at 289 versus the Dolphins' 273.

    The Dolphins just plain lack the offensive and defensive talent that is required to make plays. Despite Vontae Davis insisting that he and Sean Smith are the league's best cornerbacks, the plays aren't there. Management hasn't been drafting anyone of substance lately either. What's up with that lack of foresight? Charles Clay and Mike Pouncey are new rookie starters this year, and only Pouncey has even shown any sort of talent at all.

    Still, the Miami Dolphins have Jason Taylor, who is the highest scoring defensive lineman of all time and a six-time Pro-Bowler. They are hereby removed from the bottom of the barrel.

St. Louis Rams

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    My Worst in Show award goes to...drum roll please.

    The St. Louis Rams!

    Remember, the Vikings naturally received a dishonorable mention of course.

    With Steve Spagnuolo heading this team, there is not a lot to show for his alleged hours spent coaching this team. With only one win in 2009, he at least brought the Rams back a little bit in 2010, ending the season with a 7-9 record. What is general manager Billy Devaney thinking?

    Despite being awarded the 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year award, quarterback Sam Bradford is not living up to his potential. He could, though. I'm certainly not saying he doesn't have the potential. But I'm not seeing it with this team. How unfortunate for his career. If Spagnuolo doesn't help hold off the sacks with a little more protection, Bradford might not stay healthy long enough to get on a better team.

    Defensive coordinator Ken Flajole and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels need to get together and really hash out where this team is going. Right now, it's going to be up, because, well, there's nowhere else to go from here.