15 Worst Baseball Player Commercials of All Time

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2011

15 Worst Baseball Player Commercials of All Time

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    Athletes try their hand at acting all of the time. A select few actually do a good job, while others fail miserable.

    Their failures are actually tremendously entertaining.

    Many baseball players have taken time out of their busy schedules to star in commercials. Some promote national products, other players promote local businesses and there are a bunch of players who just promote that weekend's upcoming game.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy as you watch these athletes try to perform their best in front of the camera.

15. Mike Piazza

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    It seems funny that the producers of this commercial would choose to have Piazza giving catching signals since he was not very good defensively. Yet they also choose to give him no lines. Maybe they had more confidence in his defensive abilities than his speaking abilities.

    It also would have made much more sense to have Piazza speak Italian instead of French based on his heritage.

14. Brian Wilson

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    It certainly is odd seeing Brian Wilson without his beard. While the acting done by Wilson is not bad at all, the commercial seemingly has no point.

    The commercial in no way convinces people that they should buy San Francisco Giants tickets, which is its intended goal.

13. Huston Street

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    Fantasy baseball is something that many people take very seriously—sometimes too seriously. This commercial certainly mocks that fact.

    Fans sometimes forget that what is best for their fantasy team is not always what is best for their favorite team.

12. Randy Johnson

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    Randy Johnson is a veteran of television commercials and has appeared in a number throughout the years. His acting skills have certainly improved along the way.

    This is one of the commercials that Johnson appeared in earlier in his career. It was supposed to be funny, but it definitely was not.

11. Derek Lowe and Tim Hudson

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    Apparently the Atlanta Braves hired at least one person with some CGI expertise and they wanted to find a way to show off his or her talents. To do this, they decided to create a commercial.

    Clearly Derek Lowe has not worked that pitch into his repertoire this year, which may explain why he is 9-16 with a 4.92 ERA.

10. Richie Sexson

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    It would have been very possible to compose a whole list of Seattle Mariners commercials. There are a number of similar commercials to this that can be found on YouTube.

    This is one of the worst.

    Before this commercial no one would have thought of Richie Sexson as a legend. After watching it, no one thinks of him as a legend either. That does not stop the mysterious announcer from trying to make him into one though.

9. Bobby Crosby

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    What movie star does Bobby Crosby resemble? It does not seem to be an easy question to figure out.

    This commercial also shows how easily men can be persuaded by beautiful women. As soon as the blonde says that she likes movie stars more than baseball players, Crosby has no problem pretending to be a movie star.

8. Minnesota Twins

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    With so many singers using auto-tune these days, it would have been easy to make the Minnesota Twins sound better.

    Instead, we must listen to members of the Twins rotation and bullpen sing off-key. It is clear that Twins are better at pitching than singing.

7. Ken Griffey Jr.

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    This commercial could possibly explain why Ken Griffey Jr. faced so many injury problems throughout his career. He must have really worn his body down from being all over the field.

    Griffey Jr. was one of the greatest baseball players of all-time, but he certainly is not one of the game's greatest actors.

6. Pete Rose

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    For some reason, baseball players really enjoy singing. Pete Rose is another athlete who has tried to show off his vocal abilities.

    Rose struggles through the song and his solos. This is not Rose's only Aqua Velva commercial. He also has one where he awkwardly hits on a female sports reporter.

5. Justin Morneau

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    Some of the things that people are willing to wait in line for are very interesting. Apparently, a new cap is enough to bring out a number of baseball players.

    Justin Morneau has decided that he is too good to wait. He simply placed a cardboard cutout of himself at the front of the line and then took the cutout's place. Morneau tries to argue that being a reigning AL MVP has its benefits.

4. Orlando Hernandez, David Cone, Luis Sojo

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    The Dougie, the robot, the Soulja Boy and the El Duque? It's very surprising that the El Duque never caught on as a dance trend based on other dances that have become popular.

    When David Cone asks about the dance, the woman who replies gives Cone a look of disbelief. How could he not know what this incredible popular dance is? Cone then tries to create his own dance in the bathroom of all places.

3. Johnny Damon

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    No wonder why Johnny Damon had no problem going clean shaven once he signed with the New York Yankees. Who knew that it was much closer to his natural look?

    Red Sox GM Theo Epstein is also willing to negotiate for Dunkin' Donuts iced coffees. There is certainly a GM out there who should take advantage of this. Could we see Diasuke Matsuzaka dealt this offseason for a two-years unlimited supply of iced coffee?

2. Bronson Arroyo

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    It looks like Bronson Arroyo just showed up to the commercial shoot and put in as little effort as needed so that he could collect his check at the end of the day.

    Arroyo took a very lackluster swing, especially considering the fact that he has hit five home runs during his career.

1. Ryan Klesko

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    Boys and girls, there are two very important lessons that come from this commercial. The first important lesson is that stealing is bad.

    The second and certainly more shocking thing that we can learn from this video is the fact that Ryan Klesko actually used to be a pretty good baseball player (and terrible cop) for a number of years.