Michael Vick Concussion: Eagles' Best Contingency Plan If Vick Remains Injured

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2011

Mike Kafka will step in if Vick can't go Sunday
Mike Kafka will step in if Vick can't go SundayKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Michael Vick left last Sunday's game with a concussion. I will be one of the few people to say that I think Vick will play on Sunday. With that being said, what if he doesn't? What does that mean for the game against the Giants?

Well, it means several things.

First, Andy Reid would have to decide between Vince Young, who is battling a hamstring injury, and Mike Kafka.

Due to Young still being banged up, Reid will likely go with Kafka. Kafka helped his cause with a solid performance in the fourth quarter against the Falcons, where he almost brought the Eagles down the field to win the game.

The next issue would be how the offense would change. There are many experts who believe that if Vick doesn't play, the Eagles will run the ball a lot more with LeSean McCoy and Ronnie Brown.

However, this theory does not seem likely to happen.

Reid has publicly said he regrets being too conservative with Kafka. He has said he should have let Kafka run the offense. So, if Kafka plays, the Eagles will still throw the football. They will run the same offense they run with Michael Vick in the game, with only a couple of changes.

The changes will be in the play-calling. The designed quarterback scramble will not be called with the less-mobile Kafka. They will likely not roll Kafka out as much as they did Michael Vick.

However, the core concept of the offense will not change. Andy Reid loves to throw the football and that will continue.

The Eagles will still throw the football.

There will be more short passes and three-step drop-and-throws due to having a less mobile quarterback. Kafka will have to get rid of the ball quickly in order to be successful, so the Eagles will try to make that happen.

Another issue is if Vince Young cannot play, the Eagles will have to sign a veteran backup quarterback. They will have to bring someone in if Kafka is the only healthy quarterback.

Who will they bring in? Could they make a call to an old face who already knows the offense? Or would they call David Garrard or another veteran? Time will tell on that one.

The Eagles can survive a short-term Michael Vick injury.

The biggest concern is if Vick gets hurt long term.

If Vick hurts his knee or has a long-term injury that affects his speed, he becomes a different quarterback and the Eagles offense would change drastically. A short-term injury, like the one Vick currently has, will not have a huge impact and the Eagles will survive.

As a matter of fact, if Kafka plays well, the Eagles may even find another Kevin Kolb-like trade piece for the 2012 season.