New York Giants: 4 Positions They Need to Rebuild in 2012 NFL Draft

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst ISeptember 21, 2011

New York Giants: 4 Positions They Need to Rebuild in 2012 NFL Draft

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    It has become pretty clear during the first two games of this season that the Giants will have plenty of holes to fill once the 2012 NFL Draft roles around. 

    They don't necessarily need to enter rebuilding mode as a team, which implies they wouldn't be contenders, but there are definitely positions of need they could improve. 

    This slideshow will highlight those areas of need that have to be addressed next April. 

Running Back

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    As good as the Giants' two-headed monster at running back may be, many thought the Giants actually could have drafted a running back high in the 2011 NFL Draft. 

    Bradshaw and Jacobs definitely don't have the high number of carries to expect a huge decline in skill, but they will have finished their fifth and seventh seasons, respectively, after 2011. 

    Not only that, but Jacobs hits that dreaded running back's age of 30 next summer. This position has to be addressed, and not with seventh-round picks like Da'Rel Scott (no disrespect to him, just don't see him as an every-down back). 

Tight End

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    I honestly thought there was no way in hell the Giants would come out of the 2011 NFL Draft without a tight end. If you asked me to put my life savings on it, I actually would have considered it. 

    The tight end class wasn't incredibly deep, but there were some decent prospects that could have improved their current situation. 

    They relied too heavily on the notion that Kevin Boss would return, and now they're paying for it. I don't expect them to make the same mistake next year. 


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    Look, I actually think Mathias Kiwanuka is underrated as a linebacker, but with Osi Umenyiora likely out the door after this season, the Giants will probably want to move Kiwanuka back to defensive end—again. 

    It's time for the Giants to stop ignoring the middle of the defense and find a playmaking linebacker. Whether inside or outside, they need an impact player. 

    Keep in mind Jonathan Goff is a free agent after this season, and will be coming off major ACL surgery. 

Offensive Line

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    It appears David Diehl's best years are behind him, and Will Beatty has not had the start to the season the coaching staff would have liked. 

    He hasn't been terrible, but it's been enough of a concern for me to consider that the Giants will draft a left tackle in the 2012 NFL Draft, especially with how deep the class will be. 

    Many thought it was a no-brainer that the Giants would take Anthony Castonzo in this year's draft, but no one anticipated Prince Amukamara falling that far. 

    The Giants just signed C David Baas, RG Chris Snee is only 29, and 2011 fourth-round pick James Brewer is a good fit for the right tackle position. They definitely will be looking to upgrade the blind side of the offensive line next season.