Green Bay Packers' Rookie Report Card: Grading Every Rookie Thus Far

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IISeptember 21, 2011

Green Bay Packers' Rookie Report Card: Grading Every Rookie Thus Far

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    When figuring out the Green Bay Packers rookie report card, preseason games were taken into consideration along with the first two regular-season games. Since the regular season is more important, however, these games had a greater impact on each rookie's final grade thus far.

    Here is the Green Bay Packers rookie report card and how every rookie on the roster has been graded through two weeks.

Derek Sherrod, OL

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    Preseason Grade: D-

    Regular Season Grade: N/A

    Final Grade: D-

    I'm guessing that the Green Bay Packers were hoping that Derek Sherrod would have been able to make more of an impact during his rookie season. Unfortunately, Sherrod probably won't see the field unless there are some major injury issues on the offensive line.

    He looked overpowered and too slow during the preseason, which is why the preseason grade is so low. The only way that Sherrod can raise his final grade is by seeing some playing time and showing improvement.

Randall Cobb, WR/KR/PR

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    Preseason Grade: B

    Regular Season Grade: A-

    Final Grade: A-

    Throughout the preseason, we were all kind of waiting for Cobb to show that "it" factor that so many people were raving about. While we never really saw that during the preseason, we absolutely saw it in his first career regular-season game, where he recorded two touchdowns.

    He wasn't as impressive this week against the Carolina Panthers, when he had a fumble on a kick return, but his final grade is still very high.

Alex Green, RB

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    Preseason Grade: A-

    Regular Season Grade: N/A

    Final Grade: B

    Once Alex Green gets healthy, I think he is going to become a nice contributor on offense. He will likely become the third-down back and should see a handful of carries and some receptions each game.

    Green was very impressive during the preseason, but since injuries have kept him out of the regular season so far, his final grade had to drop a little bit. However, I absolutely expect that grade to improve with each game he plays.

Davon House, CB

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    Preseason Grade: C+

    Regular Season Grade: N/A

    Final Grade: C-

    I was actually pretty surprised when Davon House made the final roster for the Green Bay Packers because I wasn't too impressed with his preseason.

    Green Bay might see him as a future potential player, but he has yet to see the field through two games, which gives him an incomplete regular-season grade.

D.J. Williams, TE

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    Preseason Grade: C

    Regular Season Grade: C

    Final Grade: C

    This was a great draft pick by the Green Bay Packers, but D.J. Williams hasn't quite lived up to his billing as a sure-handed tight end. He had plenty of drops during the preseason, which made me a little suspicious about just how sure-handed he really is.

    I can't bash him too much because he is currently behind Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless and Tom Crabtree on the depth chart, but Green Bay kept four tight ends on their roster for a reason. Don't be surprised if Williams sees increased playing time throughout the season and raises his final grade as the year progresses.

D.J. Smith, LB

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    Preseason Grade: B

    Regular Season Grade: B+

    Final Grade: B

    Coming into the season, everyone pretty much knew that D.J. Smith was only going to see playing time on special teams, but he has certainly made the most of those few moments already.

    He has shown great instincts to get to the ball and looks to be one of the better special teams players on the Green Bay Packers roster. There probably won't be much movement in his final grade throughout the rest of the season unless he does some incredible things on special teams.

Ryan Taylor, FB

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    Preseason Grade: B-

    Regular Season Grade: C+

    Final Grade: C+

    Ryan Taylor made the switch from tight end to fullback and currently sits behind John Kuhn on the depth chart. He will likely never run the ball, but has been used as an extra blocker for Ryan Grant and James Starks.

    He has also seen time on special teams, but hasn't been too impressive in that facet of the game either. Hopefully Taylor can improve because he could be a very valuable player in the near future.

Jamari Lattimore, LB

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    Preseason Grade: B

    Regular Season Grade: C

    Final Grade: C

    Jamari Lattimore played well enough in the preseason to make the Green Bay Packers final roster as an undrafted free agent. 

    During the preseason, Lattimore showed great skills at getting to the ball and making the tackle. We haven't seen a great deal from him in the regular season, but he is a player that we should keep our eyes on going forward.

Vic So'oto, LB

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    Preseason Grade: A+

    Regular Season Grade: N/A

    Final Grade: B+

    I'm not sure if there is a rookie that people are more excited about than Vic So'oto. He might have had the best preseason on the entire team.

    So'oto simply has something about him that makes you want to watch him play. He plays at full speed all the time and never gives up on a play.

    Injuries have kept him out of the regular season, but he should be healthy for Week 3. I guarantee that the Green Bay Packers are excited to see him play in a meaningful game.

M.D. Jennings, S

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    Preseason Grade: A

    Regular Season Grade: B-

    Final Grade: B

    M.D. Jennings was another undrafted free agent who had a fantastic preseason to land a spot on the final roster.

    With the injury to Nick Collins, we will likely see more of Jennings as he will share time with Charlie Peprah at the position. He hasn't had much of an opportunity so far to show us all the skills he displayed during the preseason, but it will be interesting to see how he handles being thrown into a tough situation.