NFL: 5 Things Experts Got Wrong About the Arizona Cardinals in the Offseason

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent ISeptember 20, 2011

NFL: 5 Things Experts Got Wrong About the Arizona Cardinals in the Offseason

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    We'd all like to think we can guess the future. I wish my predictions were right every now and then.

    But more often than not, they are wrong. Completely. Dead. Wrong.

    And for the Arizona Cardinals, there were many projections made in the offseason that were just, well, wrong.

    Some of them I'm glad they didn't come true. Some I wish did.

    Here's five that some experts just got wrong.

1. Beanie Wells Will Have Another Letdown Year

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    Granted, the season isn't over yet, but this one is starting to look very wrong.

    Thus far, Wells has 32 carries for 183 yards, good for a 5.7 average. That's pretty solid. And a lot better than even I thought he would do.

    Now, the experts saw Ryan Williams taking a good portion away from Wells, so there is that. But Wells is running hard this year. And if he just had some balance, he probably would have more yardage. Not to mention the fact that Arizona hasn't made a consistent effort to run the ball.

    Wells has 14 carries and 18 carries in his first two games, respectively. Even Kevin Kolb said they needed to run more. So Wells could see even more touches, meaning even more yards.

    I don't see how he doesn't finish the season with under 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns.

    That's a lot better than any expert predicted.

2. Kevin Kolb Doesn't Have What It Takes

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    So far, this one is very far off.

    One has to take into account that Kolb has played two so-so pass defenses, but his performances so far have been very solid. Not perfect, or even outstanding, but solid.

    And it's more about that intangibles than the yards or completions to Larry Fitzgerald. It's Kolb's leadership. It's his toughness, as seen when he took a shot on his long touchdown pass to Fitzgerald.

    Not to mention the fact it's his abilities.

    He's going to have some off-games. He's made some bad throws, sure.

    But through two games, without much time in the offseason to learn the offense, I don't think I could've asked for much better.

3. The Defense Can't Get as Lucky This Year

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    This one is a bit early to tell, but so far so good for Arizona.

    So far, the defense, while playing very poorly, has still shown a nose for the ball, tallying three interceptions, with another taken away by a terrible call.

    Last season, many thought the Cardinals were lucky to get so many touchdown returns.

    Again, granted, it was against a rookie and Rex Grossman, but many people thought there was no way the Cardinals could get all those turnovers and return touchdowns.

    So far, that's dead wrong.

    In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say the defense or special teams will score against Seattle on Sunday.

4. The Defense Should See Some Level of Improvement

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    Ouch. This one predicted, and rightfully so, by many close to the team, is so far dead wrong.

    The Cardinals defense, outside of points allowed, has taken a major step back.

    It's still early in the season, but the Cardinals can't afford to keep getting steamrolled on defense. I think we would all predict disaster if that happens.

    Look for them to turn it around this week though against a mediocre Seahawks offense.

5. The Cardinals Will Finish at the Bottom of the Division

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    So far, the Cardinals actually look like the best in the division.

    Niners and Rams fans may disagree, and have some valid points to make of their own; but if Arizona's defense can improve just a little, that may be all they need.

    After all, it's not like the defense was special when they went to the Super Bowl.

    But with the addition of Kolb, the offense looks 10 times better than it did last season. The running game looks good with Wells. And Kolb is doing a nice job of running the offense and spreading it around.

    I'm going to say as of right now, unless the Rams find a go-to receiver, the Cardinals have the best offense in the division.

    The defense, although allowing too many yards, has kept opponents from scoring too many points.

    It all adds up in my mind to the Cardinals having a good possibility of winning the division. This Sunday, on the road against the reigning division champs, we'll find out for sure.