Chicago Bears: 5 Players Who Performed Best in Week 2 vs the Saints

Matt CoanCorrespondent IISeptember 19, 2011

Chicago Bears: 5 Players Who Performed Best in Week 2 vs the Saints

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    The Chicago Bears traveled to the Big Easy to battle the New Orleans Saints, this past Sunday, and got straight up destroyed.

    The Saints maimed the Bears, 30-13, and made Chicago's offense look like it was run by children.

    There was not a lot of good to take away from the Bears big loss but as a positive person, I feel like I can find something.

    This list will cover the five Bears who performed best, even in a losing effort.

Dane Sanzenbacher

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    Dane Sanzenbacher made his impact felt Sunday, and had his first, of hopefully many, good games as a NFL player.

    Sanzenbacher scored the Bears' only touchdown, in the first quarter, and played a big part in the Bears' early offensive success.

    Sanzenbacher caught three balls for 33 yards and drew an important penalty early in the game.

    Sanzenbacher played well and should start to start to develop a relationship with Jay Cutler, creating another solid target for the quarterback.

    Sanzenbacher disappeared late in the game, like most of his teammates, and after the Saints recognized him as a threat, they shut him down.

    This was a good showing from the young undrafted free agent and as he continues to develop as a receiver he will only get better as he learns more of the Martz' offense. 

Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler was sacked six times in the game Sunday against the New Orleans Saints and knocked down another 10 times.

    By the end of the game Cutler was simply snapping the ball and flinging it to his hot read before he was eaten alive by Saints' defenders.

    After tasting turf all afternoon, Cutler would not take himself out of the game, even when it was all but lost.

    Cutler was beaten again and again and would simply pick himself up and get back to the huddle, knowing the same thing would happen the very next play.

    People who question Jay Cutler's toughness look stupid after a game like Sunday's and yet I'm sure people will refuse to shut up about his "poor body language."

    Cutler didn't only make this list for his toughness. He  threw for a terrible 19/45 and had a passer rating of 67.3 but he threw for one touchdown and most importantly he had no interceptions.

    The Bears' threw the ball way to much, even for playing catch up the entire second half, they need to have a balanced offense if they expect to win.

    Mike Martz' didn't help Cutler much with the play calling and the offensive line's terrible performance only made Cutler's day more impressive.

Brian Urlacher

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    Even after losing a game 30-13, I'm extremely proud to be a Chicago Bears fan.

    My favorite player on the team, the player who I idolized as a fourth grader and the player who got me interested in football and the Bears, Brian Urlacher, took the field Sunday. He did this even after the passing of his mother Wednesday.

    While Urlacher didn't have the huge game that many people, maybe unrealistically, expected: Urlacher made three tackles and made his usual huge impact on the Bears' defense.

    Urlacher took the field, played his heart out, and I'm sure made his mother proud.

    Urlacher and the Bears' will bounce back from this loss and will be back to contending for the NFC North in a matter of weeks.

Lance Briggs

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    Lance Briggs had a big day for the Chicago Bears' defense Sunday against the New Orleans Saints and definitely made his impact felt.

    Briggs had 11 tackles, a few of which kept the Saints from a first down, and helped the Bears stay in the game for as long as possible.

    The Bears defense, even while giving up 30 points, should not be blamed for this loss.

    They kept the Bears in the game by stopping the Saints in the red zone a number of times and forcing a number of punts and three and outs against arguably the best offense in the league.

    Briggs was a big part of that and it is why he made this list.

Matt Forte

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    Matt Forte is the Chicago Bears' number one receiver, number one running back and number one play maker.

    The running back accounted for a massive percent of the Chicago Bears' offense on Sunday and is continuing to prove why he has earned a new contract.

    Forte caught 10 balls, more than half of Jay Cutler's completions, and seemed to be getting targeted on every offensive play.

    Forte only got 10 rushing attempts in and still rushed for 49 yards, to go along with his 117 on the receiving end.

    Forte plays such a huge role in the Bears offense that it's almost a bad thing. 

    If he were to get hurt and miss an extended period of time, which is entirely possible when you take into account all the touches he gets, the Bears' offense would spiral and the season could very well end.

    The Bears need to spread the ball around and find new ways to move the chains and score touchdowns, if they do not, they are in major trouble.