Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota: 4 Halftime Adjustments Buccaneers Must Make

Basil SpyridakosContributor IIISeptember 18, 2011

Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota: 4 Halftime Adjustments Buccaneers Must Make

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    For the second straight week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are completely spiritless and flat, losing at the half to the Minnesota Vikings 17-0.

    Although the score gives the illusion it's a close contest, Minnesota is out-gaining Tampa Bay in every statistical category that matters.

    What do the Buccaneers have to do to get back into this ball game? Here are four (just four?) adjustments the Buccaneers must make in order to defeat the Vikings.

Do NOT Abandon the Run

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    The Buccaneers were quick to abandon the run last week against the Detroit Lions, and it appears they're doing the same against the Vikings.

    The game is still close and dropping the run only to allow Josh Freeman to sling the ball 40-plus times makes the Bucs one-sided, allowing the Vikings' defense to dictate the pace of the game. 

Stop with the 3-and-Outs

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    The Bucs have had five possessions in the first half, and three of them were three-and-outs.

    The offense has to sustain drives and allow the defense to catch its breath. If the offense doesn't have a couple of long, five-to-seven-minute type drives, this game is over.

Wrap Adrian Peterson Up

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    Adrian Peterson is arguably the best running back in the NFL, and there is only so much a defense can do, but when the defender is in the right spot to make a play, but misses the tackle, that's due to lack of concentration.

    The Bucs' defense needs to keep doing what they're doing, but they have to wrap Peterson up.

Don't Allow Donovan McNabb to Get Loose

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    The Buccaneers' defense allowed Donovan McNabb to scramble to a first down on 3rd-and-12.

    That can never happen.

    The defensive ends need to contain the veteran quarterback, and the defense needs to play within itself by playing smarter football. 

Halftime Final Score Prediction

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    The Buccaneers have gone soft, are being outplayed and getting out-coached.

    They'll go to the two-minute drill like they did against the Lions and get the score closer than it looks.

    30-17, Vikings.