Cincinnati Reds: Top 5 Reds YouTube Clips

Scott SewellCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2011

Cincinnati Reds: Top 5 Reds YouTube Clips

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    I’ve lost multiple hours of my life to three things: Germantowne Pizza, Dixie Chili and YouTube. 

    I’m currently about 800 miles away from the first two, so now I spend an inordinate amount of time on the third choice.

    I watch everything. You name it—comedy, music videos, cover music and sports.

    It’s this last one that inspired me to put together the following list. These are my five favorite Reds YouTube clips. I’ve watched some of them—No. 1 particularly—several times, and I get goose bumps every time I see them. 

    Have a favorite that’s not on the list? Comment on it below!

5. Tom Browning's Perfect Game

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    I was seven years old when Tom Browning threw his perfect game, but I remember it vividly. My mom taped the radio broadcast on cassette because it was originally rain delayed, causing the game to last past my bedtime.

    I woke up the next day and listened to the most magical broadcast of my life: Tom Browning doing the unthinkable—27 up, 27 down.

4. Hitler Discusses the Cincinnati Reds

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    It’s easy to forget how difficult it was to be a Reds fan over the past 15-20 years, but this video serves as a great reminder.

    The Adam Dunn era Reds teams was particularly hard to stomach. There were just so many wasted opportunities and so much bad pitching.

    While things certainly got away from them this year, it's comforting to know that we’re not this bad anymore.

3. Reds Hot Video

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    I think I’ll just let this video speak for itself. Note the super cheesy late-80s/early-90s "stay in school, don’t do drugs" message. 

    I love it.

2. Ramon Hernandez Opening Day Walk off

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    This was breathtaking. 

    The Reds fell behind early and struggled to catch up with the Brewers. They were coming into 2011 with higher expectations than they’ve had since 1999/2000 when they made a one-game playoff against Al Leiter and the Mets and Ken Griffey Jr. announced he was coming to Cincinnati. 

    Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto and Scott Rolen all reached base in the bottom of the ninth. Jay Bruce would strike out swinging and Jonny Gomes would hit a fly ball 400 feet to center field for a sacrifice fly, setting the stage for Ramon Hernandez to work his magic. 

    Attached is the fan video, but the official video is HERE.

1. Jay Bruce's 9th Inning, Central Division Clinching Home Run!!!

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    I’m not ashamed to admit that things got a little dusty in the Sewell household after watching this live.

    It had been 14 years since the Reds made the playoffs and it was exhilarating to actually care about baseball in September. This was the perfect way for this particular Reds team to finish out the season.

    Television broadcast of the at bat is HERE.


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