The Least Popular Player from Every MLB Franchise's History

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The Least Popular Player from Every MLB Franchise's History
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Everyone knows of the popular players on every team, even the bad ones. We know of Andrew McCutchen, Brett Myers and Ichiro, despite how bad their teams may be.

One thing is certain: no matter what team you're on, you have to produce. If you don't, or if you have the wrong attitude, fans and teammates will turn on you. In some cases, one's playing ability does not even matter, and could in fact be a problem.

Every team has had at least one player who either had not lived up to his contract, turned into a bad person, or just never gelled with the fanbase, and here is one from each team throughout MLB history.

I limited the lack of popularity to within the confines of the team and the fans and, while it's a historical piece, many of the players are recent, as there are simply more fan reactions out there for those players.

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