NFL Picks Week 2

Rodney LayContributor IIISeptember 18, 2011

In Week 1 I went against the consensus on some games, some would say, went out on a limb, and I paid the price. Some teams let me down, or maybe some teams just played down to their potential.

At any rate, I will probably do the same thing this week with a few games. Just my gambling nature I suppose.


Baltimore at Tennessee

The overwhelming consensus on this game is that the Ravens will soundly beat up on the Titans. Baltimore took care of the Steelers last week with ease. The Titans did not win a week ago, but they did go into Jacksonville and play the Jaguars very close.

This week the Titans play at home, their first home game this season. I do not see the Ravens running away with this game, and they may struggle to pull out a win. I do think that Baltimore will win the game, but not by much.

Baltimore 30, Titans 27


Tampa Bay at Minnesota

Here is a game that I simply have to give to the home team.

Minnesota 24, Tampa Bay 20


Chicago at New Orleans

This is a tough game to call. The “experts” are giving this game to the Saints by about a touchdown. Chicago soundly beat up on the Falcons last week. The Saints played the Packers right to the end on the road in Green Bay.

These two teams are so closely matched that it should come down to home field advantage, but I am going to go against the logic and give this one to the Bears.

Chicago 24, New Orleans 21


Oakland at Buffalo

The Bills did well last week against the Chiefs, but that was an anomaly. Buffalo played way above their ability and the Chiefs played way below theirs. In my opinion, the Raiders are a good team that is going to have to win quite a few games to convince the “experts” to take notice.

Oakland 30, Buffalo 21


Kansas City at Detroit

The Chiefs did everything they could to play against their own strengths last week and let an inferior team run over them. In almost any other situation, I would have to go with my favorite team; however the Chiefs are going to have to prove to me that they will change the game plan.

This week they play a better team in the Lions, on the road.

Detroit 21, Kansas City 14


Cleveland at Indianapolis

The Colts bounce back this week. Without Manning they are not a good team, but the Browns are not good enough to take this game away from the Colts at home, their first home game of the season.

Indianapolis 17, Cleveland 14


Jacksonville at NY Jets

This is one of those no-brainers. The Jets should make the Jaguars look bad in this one.

NY Jets 36, Jacksonville 14


Seattle at Pittsburgh

It is a bad week for the Seahawks to come into Heinz field. The Steelers lost big against the Ravens on the road last week, and come home angry.

Pittsburgh 30, Seattle 10


Arizona at Washington

This is one of the games where I go out on a limb. I do not believe that the Redskins can recover from the turmoil of last year. I will have to be proven wrong on that one. The Cardinals are good enough to win this one, and I believe that they will.

Arizona 20, Washington 16


Green Bay at Carolina

This is the second no-brainer this weekend. Green Bay is just too good for the Panthers.

Green Bay 28, Carolina 17


Dallas at San Francisco

The Cowboys played a very good game on the road against a very good team last week, the Jets, and nearly walked out of New York with a win. The 49ers won big against the Seahawks at home last week, but what does it matter who wins the game when two of the lowly teams in the NFL play each other?

Dallas 38, San Francisco 20


Cincinnati at Denver

Denver is not a good team this year, but they are going to win a few games. This is one of them.

Denver 20, Cincinnati 14


Houston at Miami

I am giving this one to the Dolphins, just because...

Miami 17, Houston 14


San Diego at New England

Not much to talk about here. The Chargers are not in the same league as the Patriots, and the Patriots are playing at home.

New England 42, San Diego 17


Philadelphia at Atlanta

I will not pick against the Eagles, not even on the road against a good team.

Philadelphia 30, Atlanta 24


St. Louis at NY Giants

I don’t think the Giants will lose at home this year, and definitely not against the Rams.

NY Giants 27, St. Louis 17


OK, Week 2 is in the books. We will see how this one comes out late in the evening on Monday.


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