NFL Week 2: Running Backs Who Will Breakout

Joseph Goode@!/JoeGoodeFitnessCorrespondent IIISeptember 16, 2011

NFL Week 2: Running Backs Who Will Breakout

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    In Week 1, we saw an explosion of passing offense from a lot of teams around the league, except the Minnesota Vikings who threw for a measly 39 yards.

    Today's NFL is definitely a passing league but there are still exceptional running backs who can push the pile forward. 

    This Sunday, the ground game will be unleashed, and the running backs will have stellar numbers. For Week 2, look for these five studs to have some great games on the ground.

Arian Foster vs. Miami Dolphins

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    Running Back Arian Foster did not play in Week 1 because he was resting a hamstring injury. He's ready for Week 2.  

    The Houston Texans have an deadly passing game and defenses have to respect it. Last week, backup running back Ben Tate went berserk, running for 116 yards against the Colts' weak run defense.  

    If Foster was in the lineup, he would have racked up another 50 yards.  

    Last year, Foster lead the league in rushing and he definitely is no one-hit wonder with his combination of speed, agility and power.

    In Week 2, Foster will be facing the Miami Dolphins' mediocre defense. The Dolphins look to rebound from one of the worst defensive performances in history, but wont be able to stop the juggernaut that is Foster.

    Although Foster is coming back from his injury and he will probably split carries with Tate, look for him to gain over 100 yards  and two touchdowns this week.

    The Dolphins will try to focus on stopping the passing game with schemes focusing on Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, so look for the Arian Foster to take advantage of this. 

Marion Barber vs. New Orleans Saints

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    Marion Barber was out for Week 1 because of an injury. He will make his debut in a new Bears uniform this week.  Although he wont receive a boat load of carries, the Bears signed him for short yardage and goal line situations.

    People forget that Barber was one of the better starting running backs for years until injuries took their toll on him.

    Matt Forte is one of the top running backs in this league, but the only negative in Forte's game is that he has difficulties in goal line situations. This is where Barber comes in.

    The Bears are playing the New Orleans Saints, upon which the Bears will be able to move the ball based on Barber's powerful running style.

    Barber wont get more than 10 carries or rack up a lot of yards, but look for him to have two touchdowns this Sunday.

    Update:  Barber practiced this week, but has been officially ruled out.

Cadillac Williams vs. New York Giants

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    Running back Stephen Jackson took his first carry to the house and then he was out for the game. In came backup running back Cadillac Williams

    Williams was a promising running back who has been plagued by numerous injuries. On Sunday, he looked great with his speed and elusiveness, carrying the ball 19 times for 91 yards against the Dream Team Eagles.

    This week, the Rams are playing a beat up New York Giants team on Monday night. Osi Umenyiora will remain out for this game and Justin Tuck is coming back from a neck injury.

    The Giants' defense had its fair share of injuries early on this season and Williams will be used a lot to take advantage of this.

    The Rams will use Williams a lot this week to give quarterback Sam Bradford balance on offense. Williams will hit the 100-yard mark in Week 2 as he will be preparing as the starter for this team. 

Mark Ingram vs. Chicago Bears

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    The New Orleans Saints are putting their trust in the running game on a rookie this season. In his first NFL start, Mark Ingram ran for only 40 yards on 13 carries, which is less then spectacular. 

    All the jitters of his first game will be gone in Week 2 and Drew Brees will be handing the ball off a lot more. Ingram is a back who needs more then 20 carries to be effective and playing on turf will enhance his low center of gravity.

    Although the Bears' defense is elite, their focus is on takeaways. The Bears tend to give up a lot of yards on the ground weekly with the defensive ends focused on getting to the quarterback as fast as possible.  

    Last week, the Falcons' Michael Turner rushed for a 100 yards on only 10 carries. Look for Ingram to do the same.

    Ingram will get a lot of carries to keep the Bears' defense off-balance and to open up Drew Brees' passing game. He will get over a 100 yards on 25 carries and a touchdown in Week 2.

Peyton Hillis vs. Indianapolis Colts

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    Mr. 2012 Madden cover man, Peyton Hillis will not be the breakout running back this year. Defenses will now be targeting Hillis in their game plans each week, so he will have to work harder to gain his yards.

    Last week, Hillis had a subpar game gaining 57 yards on 17 carries against an average Bengals defense. In Week 2, he will go against the lowly Colts defense who let the Texans backup running back Ben Tate gain over 100 yards.

    The Colts as a team looked devastated and unmotivated without their captain last week and the trend will continue into this week. The front seven for the Colts take a while to get going and this season is no different.  

    The Browns rely heavily on Hillis' ability to penetrate and beat up the defenses to set up the play action. Look for Hillis to dominate the Colts defense and for Colt McCoy to also have a great passing day as a result.

    Hillis will gain over 125 yards on more then 25 carries with two touchdowns this week.

    Week 2 will be the week where the running backs will breakout as defenses will be better adjusted to the passing game. These five running backs are going to have a solid games.