The Top 5 Eagles Players who Need to Step Up For Week 2

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2011

The Top 5 Eagles Players who Need to Step Up For Week 2

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    Going into week 2 against the Falcons, the Eagles need to play better than they did against St. Louis.  In order to win Sunday night in Atlanta, certain players have to step up.  These are guys who either did not bring it in week 1 or who need to bring it AGAIN in week 2.  These are guys who are important to the team and need to do a good job.  So without further delay, here are the top 5 guys who need to step up in week 2.

5. Brent Celek

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    They must have had a hard time getting that picture because Celek only caught 1 pass in week 1.  He did not get a lot of opportunities, having to stay in to block, but the Eagles need Celek to give them a little bit more in the passing game in week 2.

4. Nnamdi Asomugha

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    Asomugha had a disappointing debut.  He commited a pass interference penalty on one of the only times he was thrown at.  This week, he will likely match up with Roddy White and in order for the Eagles to win, he will have to shut White down.  That will not be easy, as White is one of the league's premier wide receivers.  For that reason, Asomugha makes this list for week 2.  If Asomugha can shut White down, the Eagles have a great chance of winning on Sunday.

3. Michael Vick

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    Is there a ever a week where Vick should not be on this list?  The Eagles success almost every week hinges on the play of Michael Vick.  While he played well in week one, he has to bring it each and every week.  The fact that he played well makes him drop to third on this list but still a bad game from Vick likely means an Eagles loss on Sunday.

2. Casey Matthews

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    Casey Matthews was out of position on the Steven Jackson touchdown run and despite four tackles in week one, Matthews struggled.  Michael Turner is an elite running back and if Matthews does not play better, the Falcons will be able to run the football and control the tempo. That's bad news for the Eagles, so Matthews has to step up and do his job.

1. Jeremy Maclin

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    Coming off an illness, Maclin had just one catch for 20 yards.  Maclin needs to step up and play better this week vs. Atlanta.  The Eagles need to have a second threat in the passing game opposite DeSean Jackson and Maclin just has to be that guy.  If the Eagles are going to go far this season, they need a healthy Jeremy Maclin to catch lots of passes.  It should start this week in Atlanta.