6 New Orleans Saints Who Must Step Up in Week 2 or Risk Being Benched

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6 New Orleans Saints Who Must Step Up in Week 2 or Risk Being Benched
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In the sports world there are going to be a multitude of opinions on different topics, even a team's performance in a given week. Generally people tend to follow their general personality as to how they view performances subjectively.

For instance, a person like myself who tends to be a more positive person by nature, is going to view last Thursday night's season opener as a really good game and one the Saints have a lot to build on. Others who may naturally be more pessimistic—we'll just refer to them as glass half empty people—are more likely to view Thursday night's game through the lens of everything the Saints did wrong, and of course because they did it wrong in one game the whole world is going to end, and the season might as well be over already.

Sadly this seems to be the way that most journalism is written, and even sadder than that, seems to be what the fans want. It's almost as if people want doom and gloom; as if we as a society have determined there is no hope worth hoping in, so instead let's focus on all the negatives, and then argue about them.

And if someone dares try to be positive or see the good in something, then off with their heads! Frankly, this general attitude towards virtually all things in sports has me quite frustrated. And I have to contradict everything I just said and write about six guys who, if their play doesn't improve immediately (in Week 2) should be benched, or at least have their roles seriously diminished on this 2011 team.

I hate this assignment—I'm a positive person for goodness gracious! But even the most positive person would say the Saints have a lot of room for growth from Thursday and that several guys played poorly. Yet, some of the names I mention are going to likely be a bit surprising. You'll understand after I explain on each individual player as to why I chose them, and then will put a positive spin on how they can avoid being benched, and can make a positive impact on the team.

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