Jay Cutler Can Lead the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl

Joseph Goode@https://twitter.com/#!/JoeGoodeFitnessCorrespondent IIISeptember 14, 2011

Jay Cutler Can Lead the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl

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    Everyone always says the obvious: Jay Cutler has all the talent in the world with his elite, all-world arm, but lacks the motivation, maturity and mental smarts to succeed in the NFL.

    If only the Bears quarterback had an ounce of motivation as the bodybuilder Jay Cutler who is currently working out like crazy to get ready for Mr. Olympia this year, then he could be an elite quarterback.

    Well, this is the year Cutler finally puts it all together, and here are the reasons why.

The High-Profile Relationship with Kristin Cavallari Is over

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    Last year Cutler was in a high-profile relationship with Kristin Cavallari, and they were actually engaged. If you ever watched "The Hills" or any other of those MTV shows, you would know how much drama Cavallari brought.  

    Imagine being at home with this girl. It probably isn't the funnest time.  I can see how Cutler wasn't mentally into last season.  

    Good thing he called off the engagement and broke up with Cavallari before camp started because the breakup will definitely help him this season. His mind will be clear, there will be less media attention to him and he will be a free, single man.  

    All keys to succeeding.

Improved Footwork

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    Cutler has done a lot of things to improve himself this offseason, but the most important thing was improving his footwork.

    Last season, Cutler continued to throw off his back foot and the results were usually bad.  More times then not, he would throw off-balance and not drop back the necessary steps within the offense.  Some of it had to do with the poor offensive line, but mostly it was Cutler's lack of discipline in his feet.  

    Mike Martz's offenses need someone with precise and quick footwork to deliver the ball quickly to the receivers.

    Cutler knew he had to improve on his footwork and worked on it this offseason.  This will greatly improve the offensive line as timing will be much improved.  Look for Cutler to be sacked less and the ball being thrown perfectly to the receivers.  

Second Full Year in Mike Martz's System

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    Another full year in offensive coordinator Mike Martz's system will help benefit Cutler this season.

    He should know every part of the offense in his second year and will be allowed much more freedom this season.  Soldier Field does not really help what Martz wants to do in his offense, which is revolved around speed and quickness, but Martz is smart enough to tweak parts when needed.

    The offensive line will also be much improved with Cutler having a true command of Martz's offense.  He wont be taking the same beating that he took last year.  Cutler will also be able to hone the hot reads to release to ball as quick as possible.

    Martz is going to have a little more trust in Cutler this season, and he will allow Cutler to use his strong arm a little more.

    Cutler will break open the playbook, and look for the Bears to be the "Greatest Show on Soldier Grass."

Roy Williams

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    The Bears finally brought in a bigger target in Roy Williams for Cutler, who was working with guys under 6' last season.

    Although Williams has been a disappointment the past few seasons with the Cowboys, he did have his best season with the Lions under Mike Martz.  His size and precise cuts are what allowed him to succeed in Martz's system, and those skills will come back to him with the Bears.

    The 6'3", 215-pound wide receiver will allow Cutler to throw the ball up in the end zone this season, trusting Williams to come down with it.  Williams is definitely a red-zone target and has a chip on his shoulder. He knows that if he doesn't do well this season this could quite possibly be his last stop.

    Both Williams and Cutler will greatly improve from each other's presence this season. 

Diet and Getting into Shape

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    Cutler admitted that he was out of shape and overweight last season.  A few years back, Cutler was diagnosed with diabetes and his weight has been up and down.  This offseason, he focused on eating healthier and getting into shape.

    To prevent injuries and playing at a high level throughout the whole game, he knew that being in shape was key.  

    So Cutler has cleaned up his diet and began working with a conditioning coach.  When a 28-year-old man decides to get motivated by changing up what he eats and begins conditioning, you know that he wants to improve and win.

    Cutler has stated recently that he has noticed the weight loss and conditioning helping him throughout training camp this offseason.  This will definitely continue into the regular season, and look for Cutler to play at a high level late into games.

Getting the Respect of His Teammates

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    During the lockout, Cutler was the Chicago Bear that organized offseason workouts.  He had numerous days where he worked on staying in sync with his receivers.

    With all the scrutinizing he was receiving after the playoff loss, he took it upon himself to actually become the leader and for his offense to improve.

    He focused on improving Devin Hester's wide receiver skills and to perfect the timing with his receivers in the the Mike Martz's system. 

    The offseason dedication definitely showed his teammates that he is focused and motivated to elevate this team to the next level.

He Cannot Let This Elite Defense Down Again

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    The Bears defense is elite but aging, and can only play at this level for a few more years.  Cutler knows he let this very strong defense down last season.  He is focused to not let the defense down this year.

    Cutler was bailed out a lot by the defense last season.  He will look to cut down turnovers and keep the offense on the field longer this season, allowing the Bears defense to stay off the field more and rest, which will prove beneficial come playoff time.

    He knows the Bears are aging and only have a small window to play at a Super Bowl level.  Cutler is motivated and will look to prove his worth to the defense.  

    With this elite defense and Cutler putting everything together this year, look for the Bears to take it all the way.  Cutler will elevate his talent to become an elite quarterback this season.