Tony Romo: Best QB in the NFC Despite Week 1 Collapse?

Mike FiskContributor IISeptember 13, 2011

Tony Romo: Best QB in the NFC Despite Week 1 Collapse?

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    With less than two minutes to go in the Jets-Cowboys game Sunday, I’m at the edge of my couch praying the Dallas Cowboys make a play. 

    Tony Romo takes the snap and looks downfield for a receiver.  He sees Dez Bryant covered by Darrelle Revis with help over the top.  Jason Witten isn’t an option because this O-Line needs all the help they can get, so he is blocking. Romo forces the throw; it’s a bad one, right into the hands of Revis. 

    Nick Folk, the kicker that got away, kicks a big 50-yard field goal with 27 seconds to go, and the Cowboys lose a close one 27-24 to the New York Jets.  I screamed and I yelled. I called Romo the worst QB in the league, but then I realized what Romo really did on Sunday, and I became hopeful.

    Don’t get me wrong, Romo had lots of things he needed to work on. For example, he looked like a jackrabbit on crack in the pocket, he looked more angry than encouraging in the huddle after mistakes, he made poor choices at the worst times and he lost confidence in himself. 

    But despite his mistakes, if we look past the very few errors that Romo actually had and focus a little bit more on what Romo accomplished, we see a QB that lit up one of the best defenses in the NFL for the past three years.

Romo Was Accurate

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    Romo was spot on, completing 23 of his 36 passes against arguably the best secondary in the NFL.  Romo got the ball right where it needed to be for Dez Bryant to make Revis look like an idiot.  Romo found the right receivers at the right times for them to make the big plays, and Romo spread the ball around to the point of perfection (I know this because I had Witten, Jones, Austin and Bryant on my Fantasy team, and I loved it). 

    What Romo did against the Jets was something Tom Brady couldn’t do well last year.  The Jets couldn’t stop the Cowboys, and Romo led the way.

Romo Made Plays

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    Nine-and-a-half yards per attempt. That’s almost a first down every time Romo touched the ball, and that’s against the Jets defense in New York on a very emotional night. Only the good QBs can play that well against that kind of defense on a day like Sunday. 

    I give Romo credit. I can think of a lot of QBs that would have folded under that kind of pressure, and he understood what needed to get done, and he made his Dallas offense look 10 times better than that Jets defense.  Romo posted 342 passing yards and two touchdowns against the best secondary in the NFL. Not bad, not bad at all.

Romo Took Risks and Manned Up

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    In my opinion, Romo took two risks in Sunday’s game: He ran the ball near the goal line and fumbled, and he forced the ball into double coverage late in the game that caused a turnover.  Romo’s two bad choices ended up being horrible only because they were turnovers. 

    Had Romo held on to the ball and scored a TD, we would all be saying Romo is amazing. Had he tossed the ball just a tad higher or threw the ball away to avoid the interception, we would have nothing to gripe about, but Romo took risks, and I for one am glad he did. 

    I would have liked it if Romo’s risks paid off, but they didn’t and that’s the nature of the NFL. However, if a QB doesn’t take risks, they don’t win, and that’s all there is to it.  Romo’s risks didn’t lose the Cowboys the game—a blocked punt, an inexperienced offensive line and a beat-up secondary did.  Romo still took responsibility for the loss after the game, and that in itself shows how great Romo is.

Romo Will Only Improve

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    Now that the Jets game is over, Romo and the Cowboys play a lot of teams that won't be so tough on defense, and I expect to see Romo and this offense light them up even better then they did against the Jets. 

    With the exception of the Patriots and Eagles, the Cowboys have an easy schedule from here on out, and they’re going up against much less capable defenses (yes the Lions D is better, but their secondary will have a hard time keeping up with Austin, Bryant and Witten).  If Romo plays as well as he did against the Jets D, the Cowboys are in the playoffs, and they could even win the NFC East.

Lay Off…Be Supportive

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    One thing that I’ve come to learn about the Dallas Cowboys fans is this huge lack of support.  I’ve been a fan of the Boys all my life, and every year I have hope that they will do well. I am supportive of my QB and my team, and I praise them for the good that they do. I’m hopeful that they will fix their mistakes.

    But Cowboys fans today only see the bad; they don’t see any of the good, and it makes me sick!  The Lions fans are pumped right now, why? Because they see the good they have in Suh, Stafford and Johnson. 

    Detroit is a far cry from the Super Bowl, and yet their fans are pumped and ready for them to win it all.  Dallas has an amazing team filled with talent and all we do is complain about our Pro Bowl QB and his supporting cast of future Cowboys legends.  

    The rest of the world hates of Cowboys fans cause we do stuff like this; heck, I’m starting to hate Cowboys fans.

    Take pride in this team. Romo is a great QB, and I am thrilled to have him as MY starting QB.