Green Bay Packers' Week 1 Win Isn't Call for Celebration, Defensive Concerns

John SzurlejAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2011

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 08:  John Kuhn #30 of the Green Bay Packers spikes the ball after scoring a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints during the NFL opening season game at Lambeau Field on September 8, 2011 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Excuse me for being pessimistic, but the opening night victory over the Saints should not be celebrated with as much enthusiasm as it has been.

The Green Bay Packers showed the NFL that they are a dangerous team to play, with many offensive weapons they proved that they can score at will and often, however, this game should be a cause for concern if the current trends continue.

Outside of it being Week 1, and also realizing that the team will tighten up, the Packers defense has made this fan a little nervous about just how effective our defensive unit can be long term.

The Packers defense allowed Saints' quarterback Drew Brees to throw for over 400 yards against them without having one of their favorite weapons in Lance Moore playing a down.

The Saints quarterback had plenty of time to set and throw for a majority of the game despite being sacked three times which were led by linebackers and not the front three pass rushers.

Another alarming point was how Saints' running back Darren Sproles was able to elude coverage out of the backfield and make big plays as easily as he did. Sproles was one of the leading receivers with seven receptions for 75 yards.

The sobering fact is that if it hadn't have been for a key return from Randall Cobb and the goal line stand against Mark Ingram resulting from a bad call against A.J. Hawk, the Packers could have very easily let this game slip away.

The secondary played very average and didn't exactly give Saints' receivers Henderson and Colston a real challenge.

In fact, the bump and run coverage of the Packers let the speed of the Saint's receivers allow them to get behind the defenders for big plays.

Outside of the forced fumble by Nick Collins, the defensive backs were relatively quiet.

Aaron Rodgers had a terrific game and continues to write his name into Packers' lore next to Bart Star and Brett Favre as he showed once again that he is the best quarterback in the NFL.

Overall, the offense really didn't have much to show concern about as they showed they were able to run the ball effectively and there are a multitude of weapons for the Packers to turn to.

Moving forward, the upcoming games against the Bears and the Falcons will show us more about exactly where our defense is at, as both games offer the defense challenges similar to this game.

Both teams have quarterbacks capable of putting up big numbers and both teams have receiving threats that need to be accounted for.

The Packers can't afford to play these types of games on a consistent basis, especially against teams like Atlanta and San Diego, if they intend on winning another Championship.

This time they have the excuse of this game being the first of the year, but if this trend continues, there is cause to be concerned.