Fantasy Football: 5 Biggest Questions Marks Heading in to Week 1

Andrew McCluskeyCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2011

Fantasy Football: 5 Biggest Questions Marks Heading in to Week 1

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    Week 1 officially started last evening with the Packers and Saints on Thursday night.

    For the few lucky fantasy owners that own any Packers or Saints they have already begun putting points on the board in their first games. For everyone else, we will be turning our attention to Sunday to see how our teams are looking.

    However, every team has a few players on their team that they would consider a risk or a major question mark heading in to Week 1.

    They are usually that player you took because everyone else you wanted was gone or maybe you just like to live on the edge.

    Here are five players that their owners will be keeping a close eye on heading in to Week 1.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Chad Ochocinco joining the New England Patriots was one of the biggest acquisitions of the offseason.

    This instantly boosted his fantasy value in all leagues. Many fantasy football players assumed that Ochocinco catching passes from Tom Brady.

    However, Ochocinco has struggled to pick up the Patriots offense. He moved from a simple number system to the Patriots more complex system of different words.

    Some experts feel that Ochocinco will be fine by Week 1, but doubts still remain.

    If he can't get on the same page as Brady and the rest of the team, his future with the Patriots may be a short one.

Arian Foster

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    It is hard to imagine that a potential first overall pick in some drafts was one of the riskier picks in the draft.

    Arian Foster broke on to the big stage last season putting up huge numbers for the Houston Texans. He was easily one of the best backs in the league and had cemented himself as a first round pick in all fantasy leagues.

    However, while his 2010 campaign was impressive, he still has only done it for one year.

    Questions remain whether he will be able to repeat that kind of performance.

    We also know now that Foster will be a game time decision heading in to Sunday. With a lingering hamstring injury and the questions about his ability to be a consistent big time back, Foster is a huge question mark heading in to Week 1.

    Lets just hope for his owner's sake that he can be the kind of back that we saw last year.

Dez Bryant

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    Dez Bryant is one of the more exciting young wide receivers in the league.

    And being on the Dallas Cowboys only puts him in the spotlight more and raises the expectations. Bryant has all of the skills to be a top flight wide receiver in the league, but there are a variety of concerns surrounding him.

    Bryant has shown immaturity both in college and so far in the NFL. He has also shown a tendency to get injured.

    Both are a dangerous combination for a receiver being drafted as high as he was.

    Bryant will need to show that he can stay on the field for an entire season if he wants to be considered one of the elites in the NFL.

Maurice Jones-Drew

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    Maurice Jones-Drew is coming off of major knee surgery.

    He is still being considered a late first round pick in many fantasy leagues. While Jones-Drew's skill set hasn't declined at all, the injuries are always something to consider.

    The talent around "MJD" has lessened dramatically since David Garrard was released at the end of the preseason. With Luke McCown as the starting quarterback it is clear that the offense is in question.

    Jones-Drew is going to need to prove that his knee is healthy and will have to overcome a lot of eight-in-the-box looks with McCown at quarterback.

    For a guy that you are taking in the first round, I imagine "MJD" owners will be on the edge of their seats come Sunday.

Kevin Kolb

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    Kevin Kolb was traded to the Arizona Cardinals this offseason in what some considered a lopsided deal.

    Kolb hasn't proven much during his NFL appearances even though he has been highly touted by coaches and scouts.

    He will need to prove that he can be an NFL quarterback week-in and week-out, especially if he is going to be the starting quarterback for a lot of fantasy teams.

    It is appealing to think about Kolb as the scouts do, but until he shows that he can live up to the hype, questions will remain.

    Kolb does have the benefit of throwing to Larry Fitzgerald, but that will not make or break his season's performance. Week 1 will say a lot about what kind of quarterback Kolb can be when he has the starting job.

    If you are one of the owners that chose to take the risk on Kolb's hype you will have your fingers crossed that the scouting reports pan out.