San Francisco Giants Coming Back to Life: 5 Call-Ups Who Can Help

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2011

San Francisco Giants Coming Back to Life: 5 Call-Ups Who Can Help

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    While the playoff chances of the San Francisco Giants are getting slimmer by the day, the pure fact that it's September should breathe new life into them.


    Turning the calendar from August to September means that the Giants get to expand their roster, and the fans get to see many new and exciting players attempt to earn a spot on next year's team.

    Just like any other year, there are plenty of good call-ups, and some whom you might not have heard of. Which ones have the capability of putting up decent numbers? Let's take a look.

No. 5. Connor Gillaspie, 3B

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    Connor Gillaspie is by no means a household name, but he has a ton of skills, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him step up in September.

    Of course, whether he will even get an opportunity to play is a different story, because Bruce Bochy may only want his veterans in the lineup if the Giants can somewhat keep pace with Arizona.

No. 4. Emmanuel Burriss, 2B

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    Emmanuel Burriss has been with the Giants off and on for a number of years, but has yet to play 100 games in a season for the club.

    Burriss probably won't get much playing time at second base, but Mike Fontenot and Orlando Cabrera are nothing special at shortstop, so it's a definite possibility that we'll see him there.

    He has upper echelon speed, and the potential to hit for average. The real question is whether he can put together enough at bats to make a difference.

No. 3. Darren Ford, CF

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    Darren Ford has to be considered an offensive threat for one reason only.

    He is blisteringly fast, and although he still hasn't gotten his timing down as well as he should have, Ford can steal a base any time he wants.

    Andres Torres hasn't been effective on the base paths this season, which means Ford is the greatest base-stealing threat the Giants have. Bochy won't hesitate to use him in late innings if the Giants need to get an extra run on the board.

No. 2. Justin Christian, CF

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    Justin Christian only has one hit in his debut for the Giants, but he has hit the ball hard countless times, and deserves more credit than that.

    He led off Wednesday and almost crushed the ball out of the park, until Cameron Maybin made a fantastic diving play against the wall.

    Christian is hitting .338 for Triple-A Fresno, and he has the ability do well in the major leagues. If Bochy continues to put him at the top of the lineup, he will get a ton of opportunities to show what he is worth.

No. 1. Brett Pill, 1B

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    Brett Pill.

    If you haven't heard the name yet, pay attention.

    "Pill The Thrill" was the first player to reach 100 RBI this season in any league, and he's been huge so far for the Giants.

    In his stint in the majors, Pill is three-for-seven with two runs, two homers and three RBI's. Pill has been the best Giant in the last two games, and fans everywhere are hoping and praying that he can keep it up.

    If there's anyone who can breathe life into the Giants offense, it's Brett Pill.