Philadelphia Eagles: 4 Great Moves the Eagles Didn't Make This Offseason

Mike BurkeCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles: 4 Great Moves the Eagles Didn't Make This Offseason

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    You can't call the Eagles offseason anything other than impressive. No other team made as big of a splash in free agency as the Eagles. It wasn't even close.

    While the lockout was going on, we heard members of the Eagles front office note that the team would be very aggressive when it came to free agency. When the free-agency period finally opened, those remarks were confirmed.

    The Eagles made some big strides in the right direction leading up to the 2011 season. At the same time, there were a lot of rumored moves that the team didn't make that also helped them out.

Retaining Kevin Kolb

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    Although there was much more debate about the Eagles trading Kevin Kolb, there was also debate about retaining him. Many, including myself, view Michael Vick's style of play as hazardous. There's no denying it, he's injury prone.

    It's hard to fairly assess him based on his time in Philadelphia, but in six seasons in Atlanta, he only started 16 games one time. However, there were three seasons in which he started 15 games.

    Would Kolb have been a good insurance policy? Absolutely, but the thing you have to remember about insurance is that you pay for it, but you don't always use it.

    The Eagles want to win a Super Bowl this season and Kolb could have helped do that if Vick went down with a significant injury. At the same time, there's no guarantee that he would have.

    Instead, the Eagles chose to trade Kolb to pick up an asset they knew they would use to help them win this year: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Not only that, but they also added a veteran quarterback in free agency by the name of Vince Young.

Splurging on an Offensive Tackle

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    When the 2010 season came to an end, Eagles fans knew that the offensive line would need to be improved dramatically during the offseason. More specifically, the right side of the line.

    With the lockout going on, the Eagles couldn't make a move for any free agent lineman, but they were able to attack some in the draft. They focused on the interior of the line, drafting two guards and a center.

    After draft weekend concluded, it looked like the right guard position was taken care of, but there were still concerns regarding right tackle. It was even more concerning knowing that whoever lined up at the position would be protecting Vick's blind side.

    Some hoped the Eagles would go out and try to spend a bunch of money in order to protect their valuable asset. They brought in Ryan Harris, who I believe would have done a good job if it wasn't for injuries, but the Eagles knew they were taking a risk and didn't lose a whole lot with him.

    Worries continued to grow, but then the Eagles finally made the move that the fans had been recommending for quite some time: They moved Todd Herremans to right tackle. I really like this move and believe he'll shine there.

    It may not appear so right out of the gate, but I believe he'll really lock down that side of the line once he gets a few games under his belt.

Letting Joselio Hanson Go

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    It's funny because they did let Joselio Hanson go, but they somehow ended up keeping him. The whole situation is still pretty mind-blowing to me.

    With the Eagles already having three Pro Bowl corners on the roster, there were reports that they were attempting to trade Hanson. It made sense, since he's a talented player, but wouldn't see a tremendous amount of time due to the other corners the Eagles have.

    However, he was scheduled to make a nice chunk of change and teams around the league realized that the Eagles would likely release him. As a result, they weren't willing to give up much in the form of a trade.

    This scenario held true and the Eagles did indeed release Hanson. I was disappointed by this; if one of the other star corners got injured, someone would have to step into the nickel position, likely Trevard Lindley, Curtis Marsh or Brandon Hughes.

    The nickel corner position has grown more and more important in this league, so it was very important to have a guy there they could trust. If an injury occurred, the Eagles would not have been left with an ideal situation.

    Miraculously, the Eagles somehow got Hanson back on the team—and for less money. Crisis averted.

Trading Asante Samuel

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    This is definitely the big one for me. When the Eagles made the trade to get Rodgers-Cromartie, it seemed like they'd be all set at corner. There were free agents remaining out there, including Nnamdi Asomugha, but it just didn't seem like a possibility at all.

    Apparently, it was. Quite frankly, I'll never forget the night they signed Asomugha. It was so out of the blue and so exciting. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who will remember it down the road.

    Although when it happened, you had to consider the fact that the Eagles went from having a hole at a position to having a crowd. It wasn't an awful problem to have, but you had to at least consider the fact that they couldn't keep all three.

    Immediately after the Asomugha signing, the rumors started to circle about the Eagles trading Samuel. There were different scenarios given involving both players and draft picks.

    However, how many times have you heard the NFL being referred to as a quarterback's league? Why is it called that? It's not because they have a God-given talent to turn around and hand the ball off. It's because of their ability to throw the football.

    So how can a defense be successful in a quarterback's league? You protect against the pass. With Samuel staying in Philadelphia, the Eagles have an incredible trio of corners. It's a trio that should give quarterbacks nightmares. So please, quarterbacks, try to throw on us.