MLB Trade News: 6 Ways Offseason Trade Market Could Change in September

Solomon RyanCorrespondent IISeptember 8, 2011

MLB Trade News: 6 Ways Offseason Trade Market Could Change in September

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    In sports, there is no such thing as a sure thing.

    Most thought the Diamondbacks weren’t going to be in contention to make the playoffs this year and not many people believed the Cardinals would end up so far behind the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the NL Central.

    Baseball teams are constantly shifting, and so too are the players.

    September has always been one of the best months for baseball because there is a late playoff push for some teams or a player single-handedly carries his team.

    If a player performs well or has a terrible month, it could end up deciding his fate for the coming year. Either his trade value will be higher than ever or teams will look for any excuse to get rid of him.

    Here is a list of the ways the offseason trade market could change in September.

6. If B.J. Upton Performs Horribly and the Rays Don’t Make the Playoffs

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    Upton is one of the streakiest players in baseball. He has the all the tools to become a great player in the league, he just hasn’t converted. At only 27 years old, Upton still has time to make a name for himself.

    The Rays are always looking to trade and get younger, so letting go of Upton is not out of the question.

5. If Aramis Ramirez Has a Crazy Month

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    Except for his slight hiccup last year, Ramirez has been the model of consistency at third base.

    At 33, Ramirez still has a few good years left in him and any team in playoff contention and in need of a third baseman will ask for Ramirez.

    The Cubs need to rebuild and Ramirez’s value is off the charts.

4. If Prince Fielder and The Milwaukee Brewers win the World Series

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    If the Brewers win the World Series, they will be given a pass from Milwaukee fans for a couple of years. Management has done everything in its power to win a World Series and the fans are aware of that.

    It will be hard to afford Fielder after this year so the Brewers are going to have to let him go.

3. If Carlos Beltran Doesn’t Perform

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    Beltran was supposed to be the savior for the San Francisco Giants' struggling bats this year. So far, he has let the team down.

    If Beltran continues to hurt more than help the Giants, the team won’t hesitate to let him go to free agency.

2. The Yankees Will Look for Any Opportunity to Trade A.J. Burnett

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    (Even if he pitches a no-hitter)

    It is best for the Yankees and Burnett to part ways. Sometimes, a player reinvents himself after being traded. Burnett couldn’t handle New York, but sometimes he shows flashes that his stuff is still there.

1. If Aaron Hill Performs poorly for the Diamondbacks

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    After giving Kelly Johnson almost a whole year to prove himself, the Diamondbacks finally gave up on him.

    A player similar to Johnson is Hill. They were both highly touted and the Blue Jays gave up on Hill. If Hill doesn’t perform this month, it won’t be surprising if he isn’t on the Diamondbacks after this year.