With the First Pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions Will...

timot andarieseCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

When the 2009 NFL Draft rolls around, I'm willing to bet that the Lions will have the first pick in the draft, as well as a pick in the mid-20s (that came for Roy Williams) from the Dallas Cowboys.

Since there are no messianic (franchise saviors) in the draft; it is unclear whom they will take or what they will do with their first round picks. I have thought a lot on this subject and believe that, as the Lions' GM, these would be the options that I would be taking.


Option One

With the first pick in the draft, my Lions would select OT Andre Smith from Alabama. My argument for this choice is that one of the Lions' greatest deficits is the offensive line.

Scouts claim that he will be a starting OT in the NFL for 15 years. The Lions' quarterbacks and running backs need people to create holes and to sustain blocks. Their anemic offense can be blamed on the inadequacy of the offensive line.

By drafting Smith, the Lions could move Cherilus to guard and have Smith play tackle, opposite Jeff Backus, leaving Dom Raiola at center, and that would leave the only great hole at a second guard position.


Option Two

Trade down. Why would trading down be my second option? Since the Lions have so many holes to fill, why not go out and get a top-10 pick and a second-round pick for the first pick over all. It is also unclear as to who else would be in the market for Andre Smith.

So, why not trade down and still get the player that you need/want the most and get a little something extra in the deal.


Option Three

Trade down and draft Florida LB, Brandon Spikes. This pick would help out the worst defense in the NFL. Paris Lenon and Ernie Sims seem to be the only two players who can wrap up on a tackle and are seemingly in the thick of every tackle.

His interception against South Carolina proves that he has field awareness, which is another facet that the Lions just don't have. If the Lions don't draft a lineman with their second pick in the first round; I sincerely hope that they draft Rey Maualuga or James Laurinaitis if either of them are still available.

Personally, I don't see either being availible after the 18th pick.


Option Four

Trade the pick for bona fide All Pro lineman and a third or fourth-round pick. The lineman will undoubtedly fill a spot on the line (three of five spots need to be filled). Then possibly use the other first round pick to draft an offensive lineman. Whether it be Caldwell from Alabama or Oregon's Unger.


Option Five

With the first pick in the 2009 Draft, as the Lions GM, I would take (with a great amount of weary) a top-tier quarterback. I don't think that Tebow will be a very successful NFL quarterback. I feel like he would run first. Please let me say, that the Big 12 stud quarterbacks are having an exceptional year.

Chase Daniel, Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, and Sam Bradford are outstanding collegiate Quarterbacks. That said, I question the defenses of the Big 12. A reference for a stud quarterback coming out of a conference that had weak defenses is Joey Harrington. I'm not sure how many times he was sacked in college, but I'm sure he topped his four-year total during his rookie season in Detroit.

I feel that, if the Lions were to draft a quarterback, they would be wasting another very high pick. Without a line, a quarterback can't drop back and throw a bomb to Calvin Johnson, because he won't have a pocket to throw from.

Kevin Smith still won't have anyone creating holes for him to run through (besides Backus and Raiola). I do, however, feel that this year's WR crop is plentiful with Crabtree, Shipley, and Harvin.

Crabtree and Shipley have great hands; their statistics show that even though they're in the Big 12. I don't see Shipley getting drafted in the top 10. But I do see Crabtree going very high. I do, however, feel that Harvin is a Devin Hester-type player. He's a wild card, to say the least.