Tarvaris Jackson Will Cost the Seattle Seahawks the Division Title

John SzurlejAnalyst ISeptember 8, 2011

Tarvaris Jackson Will Cost the Seattle Seahawks the Division Title

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    If you are drafting for your fantasy team, or if you are looking for that bench player to carry you through bye weeks and to start in certain match ups, Tarvaris Jackson should be far, far down on your list.

    If you're a fan of this team, you have reason to worry about Jackson's ability to lead this team to success in 2011.

    Jackson has not had great success anywhere he has been, and has very limited capabilities.

    The Pete Carroll system and the additions of Sidney Rice to the Seattle Seahawks may not be enough to carry him through the 2011 season.

    Here are some prime examples of why you should look elsewhere for another Quarterbacking option, and perhaps why the Seahawks should also do the same.

    To the reader: It is easy to armchair Quarterback and in no way could I expect to be able to do what any quarterback could do in the NFL, however, a breakdown of problematic areas is what is intended and it is something to consider with an open mind.

Poor Ball Placement

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    Tarvaris Jackson has been plagued by the inability to make the throws he needs to make, where his receiver is the only one to have a clear shot at catching them.

    Jackson seems to show impatience in letting a play develop and pulling the trigger too fast, as seen in the clip above.

    Here he sees the receiver break but fails to do two things.

    First he fails to throw to the front shoulder of the receiver who is moving toward the sideline, and second he never looks off coverage, his eyes were where he was throwing the whole time.

    Classic Jackson INT, many more to come.

Poor Field Vision

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    In this clip, there is a clear blitz package coming and the Vikings have the right formation to counteract it.

    As the rush is coming, Jackson's inability to recognize the running back and tight end (who were open over the middle and on the right side) shows his problem with tunnel vision as he was looking downfield the entire time.

    Jackson's habits continue to shadow him in Seattle as he consistently is unable to see his other options.

    With two check down options, the Vikings should have converted on this play, instead another drive was killed which is something Seattle fans will have to get used to.

Throwing into Double Coverage

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    We have all heard it plenty of times where an announcer tells us the defense read his eyes.

    In this clip, the intended pass was thrown into the end zone and Jackson never saw the double coverage as the safety was coming across before he threw.

    Granted, the ball was tipped slightly, as the receiver at the 10 yard line was double covered.

    Further review show Fullback Michael Robinson wide open for a dump pass with room to run.

    This choice resulted in an interception and cost Seattle points.

    It seems to be a common trend with T.J. and one that needs to be improved if he is going to be effective for the Seahawks.

Contrasting Views

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    For a compare and contrasting look at Seattle's Quarterbacks, here Charlie Whitehurst makes an impressive pass to Golden Tate.

    The main focus here is to show the quickness and confidence that he shows in his abilities and the play.

    He doesn't hesitate as the play calls for the ball to be in the air after a three step drop.

    The difference between Whitehurst and Jackson is evident.

Letting a Play Develop

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    In this clip, Charlie Whitehurst shows us something that is not so commonplace for Jackson.

    He drops back, surveys and waits for the play to develop. As he sees his receiver clear he unleashes the ball. 

    Based on the tendencies of Jackson, the ball either tends to be early or too late and the play is blown.


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    Tarvaris Jackson is not the right quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and his inconsistent play and limited ability will cost this team its shot at the division crown.

    If the Seahawks were smart they would seriously consider starting Charlie Whitehurst or looking to add a veteran QB to the roster if they plan on doing anything in 2011.

    With Jackson at the helm for the season, the Seahawks will be lucky to get past six wins this year.