2011 NFL Predictions: 4 Craziest Media Predictions

Carlos SandovalAnalyst IIISeptember 5, 2011

2011 NFL Predictions: 4 Craziest Media Predictions

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    Every season, NFL-based websites, sports columns that aren't in your community college newspaper, online media outlets, and NFL shows on television come up with an array of predictions for the upcoming football season.

    Although most of these predictions are fair and have merit, others are more far-fetched. Sometimes, this is the work of a contrarian or other sports personality that makes shoddy predictions for more exposure.

    Other times, they're just normal sports writers, bloggers or broadcasters that are seeing something that the normal human eye aren't seeing.

    Regardless, not all predictions by the media make sense. Here are four of the craziest media predictions for the 2011 NFL season. 

The Detroit Lions Will Make the Playoffs

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    The Detroit Lions have built quite a strong following, with non-fans stating they believe the Lions will have a .500 season, a two-game improvement over their 2010 outing. 

    However, ESPN's NFC North blog is taking it a step further.

    The blog has is predicting the Lions will make the playoffs in 2011. And while that doesn't seem too terrible, the fact that the Lions make it means the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't make it, nor do the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears. 

    Though there have been bigger surprises, this idea might be a bit too much of a stretch.

The Dallas Cowboys Win the NFC East

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    Adam Schefter of ESPN has made his predictions, and apparently isn't a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Schefter says the Dallas Cowboys win the division, thanks to the acquisition of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

    And while Ryan is a fine defensive coordinator, the Cowboys don't have the personnel on the field to compete with the Eagles—their secondary can't handle the Eagles' fast receiving corps and Dez Bryant won't consistently burn Asante Samuel, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie or Nnamdi Asomugha.

    Tashard Choice will have a hard time with the Eagles' stingy defensive line, especially with Cullen Jenkins plugging up holes consistently.  

Matthew Stafford Will Have a Breakout Year

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    While it's somewhat plausible for Matthew Stafford to have a breakout year, it's also unlikely.

    That's because Stafford's development has been hindered by injuries; that's not to say he won't have a good year, though. Rather, he'll have an OK one, that'll see him jump by leaps and bounds, but not sore into the league's top. 

    Of course, everyone would like to see Stafford break out; let's hope they aren't crazy.

Jermichael Finley Will Win Comeback Player of the Year

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    Jermichael Finley had his season with the Green Bay Packers cut short last year, and that's a shame, considering the season he was having up to the point where he got injured.

    And though he was doing relatively great, this is a crazy prediction for the reason that tight ends don't win anything. Normally, quarterbacks and other offensive players (along with defensive ends and corners) nab Comeback Player of the Year. 

    Regardless, it isn't as if Finley is the greatest story in the league. If Plaxico Burress has a decent season, he could very well win it a la Michael Vick