NFL Roster Cuts: Which Practice-Squad Players Could Contribute for the Eagles

Frank PassalacquaAnalyst IISeptember 5, 2011

NFL Roster Cuts: Which Practice-Squad Players Could Contribute for the Eagles

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    Saturday marked the final day for teams to cut their rosters down to 53 players.

    With some tough decisions made and players being cut all around the league, teams still had the opportunity to construct a practice squad. Currently, the Philadelphia Eagles have five guys on their practice team. 

    Chad Hall, Stanley Havili, Greg Lloyd, Dallas Reynolds and Daniel Te'o-Neshiem are the five players the Eagles decided to keep on the practice squad. 

    Find out which of the players will have an impact on the team. 

Dallas Reynolds

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    Here's a big boy. Weighing in at 320 pounds is Dallas Reynolds, who can play at either guard or center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    For the second year in a row, he did not make the team, but will most likely be effective coming off the practice squad at some point in the season.

    The Eagles' main problem is their O-line. Last year, they suffered many injuries and couldn't maintain a solid line to keep Vick's jersey clean.

    Once teams knew that Vick forced turnovers when they'd blitz, every team exploited that and ultimately led to the end of Vick's heroic few weeks. 

    Anyways, due to the injury to Ryan Harris, which resulted in the Eagles cutting him, they again are less solid up front, and I can picture Dallas possibly even starting some point this season.

    What makes him even more valuable to the Eagles is the fact he can play at either the guard position or at center. 

    Keep an eye out for No. 66, Dallas Reynolds. 

Greg Lloyd

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    Greg Lloyd is a rookie out of UConn and finds himself on the practice squad in his first year. Taken in the seventh round, Lloyd is a linebacker on a team without a star at that position.

    Everyone thought the Eagles were going to make a trade for someone big at the linebacker spot, but never did. Instead, the Eagles have a bunch of young guys all looking to make a name for themselves.

    Amongst the practice squad players is this man, who may or may not see playing time depending on the success of the Eagles linebacking squad this upcoming season.

    In particular, Lloyd is a middle linebacker who has Casey Matthews, a rookie as well, in front of him. 

    If an injury or just poor play results in Casey or any of the other linebackers coming out of the lineup, I'd expect to see Greg come off the list and be thrown into the action. 

Chad Hall

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    Somewhat surprising to me, Chad Hall did not make the final roster. Similar to last year's situation, Hall made the practice squad but will most likely come off at some point in time in the season. 

    I don't know about you, but I thought the effort of Hall in the preseason was worthy of a roster spot for sure. His size and quickness is hard to come by, looking much like a young Wes Welker

    Even though the Eagles do have five guys at the wide receiver spot who are all deadly weapons, I know that just like last year, Hall will come off the squad late in the season or if any of the receivers get hurt. 

    Hall is my favorite player on the practice squad and can offer the most for the Eagles.