3 Recently Cut Players the St. Louis Rams Could Sign

Brian TaylorCorrespondent IIISeptember 4, 2011

3 Recently Cut Players the St. Louis Rams Could Sign

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    There have been a lot of players cut from NFL rosters in the past day. Some of the cuts are shocking while others make perfect sense.

    The St. Louis Rams have been cutting the fat from their roster as well. They haven't lost any significant talent, but they can still afford to improve their roster.

    Three players in particular stood out to me when scrolling through roster cuts. These three players could all join the Rams roster and contribute immediately. Let the slideshow begin.   

Tommie Harris

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    Tommie Harris is a player who has been pretty well-documented in the offseason, and now again as the preseason comes to a close.

    Harris is the former 14th overall pick of the Chicago Bears. He was also voted to three Pro Bowls and was a two-time All-Pro selection before his fallout with the Bears.

    His downward spiral began in 2007. He injured his knee that season and it has been bothering him off and on since. In 2009, he was ejected from a game against the Arizona Cardinals for punching Deuce Latui in the face. In 2010, the Bears benched Tommie Harris for his lack of effort in the game. And now, he has been released from the Indianapolis Colts.

    There's no doubting that Harris can play at a high level. It's just about how to get him to perform at that All-Pro level. Steve Spagnuolo is a tough-minded coach who could maybe slap some sense into the ne'er-do-well. Harris would definitely help out the Rams defensive line rotation if he plays at his highest level.

Lousaka Polite

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    Lousaka Polite has been paving the way for Miami Dolphins running backs for the past three seasons. He is an established veteran fullback who can also carry the ball on 3rd or 4th-and-short situations.

    The idea that Josh McDaniels will not use a fullback has been somewhat dispelled this preseason. Steven Jackson had a lot more success when Brit Miller was used at fullback. Miller made the Rams 53-man roster, but it would be safer to have a six-year veteran over a player who has played in just 14 games.

    This isn't a slight to Brit Miller in any way, shape or form, as much as it is a testament to Polite. The fact that he was released is somewhat of a surprise because he is one of the better fullbacks in the NFL. Polite could come in immediately and help pave the way for Steven Jackson and Cadillac Williams.

Joselio Hanson

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    The St. Louis Rams are in desperate need of cornerback depth as of now. Joselio Hanson is one of the better cornerbacks on the free agent market.

    Hanson may only have four interceptions in his career, but he has still been a valuable piece of the Philadelphia Eagles secondary. The only reason he was released is because the Eagles didn't want to pay the amount of money he was scheduled to make. They also are very deep at cornerback now that they have Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

    Joselio Hanson wouldn't start at either cornerback spot for the Rams, but he could be a solid option as their nickelback. With injuries to just about every backup corner, the Rams should sign another cornerback, whether it's Hanson or somebody else. Hanson may be the best fit since he is a veteran who has consistently been a role player in the Eagles secondary.