7 Mistakes the Denver Broncos Made on Cut Day

Vince SapienzaCorrespondent IIISeptember 4, 2011

7 Mistakes the Denver Broncos Made on Cut Day

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    When final cuts come around every year in the NFL, fans and analysts alike weigh in on certain players who get cut and where they may end up, if anywhere.

    With these cuts, there seem to always be mistakes made by the front office that seem to upset the fan faithful of just about every particular team. In this case, the Denver Broncos are no different. 

    One of the hardest days in all of sports is the day that professional hopefuls' dreams are crushed because they came up short. In the NFL, training camps consist of 90+ players battling for over a month only to have a little less than half be cut from their squad.

    It is a tough time even for the players that do make the squad, as they have to say goodbye to the relationships they have created. However, at the end of the day, it is a business and in a business there are no feelings or dreams. 

    With all that said, the Broncos are not an exception to the rule and they undoubtedly made their own blunders. It may not show now, but could down the road. Let us take a look at what the Broncos did wrong on cut down day.

Kyle McCarthy

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    I think this was by far the biggest shock of the entire roster shake up for the Denver Broncos faithful. Kyle McCarthy saw himself on the second unit of the defense at the start of training camp, but after a few weeks, head coach John Fox and Co. felt that the other safeties progressed more at the end than he did.

    McCarthy has been a workhorse all offseason and all of last year, where he saw some time with the squad late in the season. McCarthy has become a sort of a fan favorite in his short time in Denver.

    Many thought he has outplayed both David Bruton and Darcel McBath, the two many thought would battle for the last safety roster spot. 

    Apparently, McBath's pick against Arizona was enough to keep him on the squad. Now McCarthy will undoubtedly become a practice squad guy, but only if he makes it past the waiver wire.

    I am not so sure if he will make it past the wire, but I hope he does, so we do not lose a true budding talent and hard worker. 

Jeremiah Johnson

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    I thought the Broncos might have struck some gold with this kid. The Broncos only kept three running backs, and Jeremiah Johnson was the odd man out. 

    Johnson showed Broncos fans a nice combination of pizazz and power in the preseason. Many fans would say he outperformed Lance Ball, the third running back on the roster, and I would tend to agree, but the fact of the matter is that running back coach Eric Studesville loves Ball.

    I would imagine that Johnson will be a practice squad guy if he makes it past the waiver wire; odds are that he will.

    He could be a budding talent and if something were to happen where he was to be called up the active roster, I think he could be very successful. 

Not Putting Ty Warren on the IR

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    This is a huge mistake by the Broncos. Not only does he take up a roster spot, but he most likely will not be back with the team until Week 13 or 14. A terrible blunder by the front office brass. 

    Warren sat out all year last year with an injury and now he will most likely be out for three quarters of this and probably at the end of a career.

    I understand the Broncos paid him a decent amount of money, but at some point, they need to cut their losses and put him on the IR. 

    It is not like the Broncos will be making their late playoff push in Week 13 or 14, which is why this move just does not make any sense to me. Maybe they are hoping he can recover a bit earlier, but I do not think that is the case.  Tough one. 

Lee Robinson

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    I understand that this one was a pure numbers game, but what a bummer to lose out on a player that did so well in training camp and in the preseason. I am sure that as the DJ Williams injury lingers, Robinson will only be a phone call away. 

    I am hoping that he will be another practice squad guy, but I am guessing he will be getting picked up somewhere else. Robinson has played well with a bad group of reserves, and he has looked like a player who could come in and help, especially on special teams.

Rushing Back Demaryius Thomas

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    The Broncos are again looking at the business side of this move, and once they realized how much Demaryius Thomas was due this year, I feel the conversation went something like this: 

    Elway: Hey D, how you feeling?

    Thomas: Still hurting, sir.

    Elway: You will be gone if you are not on that field.

    Thomas: I am ready to practice.

    OK, I know, a little exaggerated, but probably not too far off. Thomas is definitely feeling pressured after tearing his Achilles in January and having an injury-riddled career (less than two years). It has been only eight months, and Thomas has been cleared to practice. That is a rush job.

    Little to no professional athletes are able to come back before a year. If the Broncos rush Thomas to come back before he is ready, then the already injury-prone receiver may not have much of a career. 

Jeremy Jarmon

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    More of a surprising move than a bad move. The Broncos traded away Jabar Gaffney for the services of Jeremy Jarmon.

    Jarmon is only 23 years old, but he was able to make some plays in the preseason. He is a definite project who was being moved between the tackle and end positions on the defensive line.

    However, a project would have been very nice to have learned under Fox, a defensive lineman's dream coach.

    I like the way Jarmon played and am upset because we basically gave Gaffney away for nothing now. Another victim of Ty Warren being kept on the roster. 

Chris Harris

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    Do not get me wrong, I love feel-good stories and I always love to see the underdog prevail, but I just do not understand this keep whatsoever.

    I never really saw him do anything spectacular in training camp or in the preseason and am just curious to know what the coaches might have seen in him.

    Now I understand this move was only made because of the season-ending injury to Syd'Quan Thompson, but why not keep McCarthy and let him, McBath, or Bruton be a hybrid emergency corner?

    Again, I will be pulling for the kid, but I was just surprised that he was able to make the squad over Kyle McCarthy.

Honorable Mentions

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    I hate to see players like Eron Riley go; he worked hard and he made some plays this preseason.

    Britt Davis was another tough one who had a rough finale, dropping a few and then getting injured.

    David Anderson and Dante Rosario, free agent acquisitions who were brought in to help improve the team, proved not to be able to make the cut at two of the most competitive positions on the team. 

    Do not expect the Broncos to be done making moves before their Week 1 matchup with the Oakland Raider on Monday Night Football. They have the No. 2 overall "pick" in the waiver wire, and only Carolina can only beat out Denver on a claim for a player. 

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